バルセロナ, スペイン

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Time10時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


この10時間の少人数ツアーでは、美しい山の景色や地域の歴史、美味しいワインをお楽しみください。モンセラート修道院探訪とバルセロナ近郊のワイナリーでのテイスティングがセットになっています。空調完備のミニバンで聖地モンセラートの頂上へと向かいます。壮大な眺望を楽しみ、また12世紀の宗教的アイコンである黒い聖母像を見学することができます。 その後、カタルーニャのワイン産業の中枢であるサン・サドゥルニ・ダノヤへと向かい、ワイナリーで試飲を楽しみましょう。 ツアー中は、知識豊富なガイドが個別にご要望に対応いたします。
  • ミニバンで巡る、モンセラットとワイナリー少人数制1日ツアー
  • 少人数のガイド付きツアー
  • 自由時間ではモンセラット修道院やその周辺にある美しい緑地を散策できます
  • ワイナリーの所有する広大なワインセラーツアーおよびワインテイスティング






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, 7 2018

My boyfriend and I had a fantastic time on this tour! Visiting the Montserrat Monastery up in the mountains was breathtaking we got to hike, visit the old chapel where the famous choir boys sang, and see the black madonna. The hiking was our favorite part because the geography is so beautiful and unique. Our guide was fantastic: funny, informative, and sweet. The second part of the day was the Cava Winery tour and that was fantastic as well! We loved visiting the vast and gorgeous grounds and hearing about the history there. We had a different tour guide there because he specialized in the history of the winery Pepe was so funny and delightful, he honestly made the whole experience even better. We go to taste great Cava and meet nice people. Overall, this was our favorite tour of the trip we had zero regrets at the end of the long day because it was filled with this great new experience.

, 4 2018

This tour was amazing!

, 4 2018

I really enjoyed this trip. Montserrat was so very beautiful. We took the funicular up to the top and walked around for a bit. Then we went back down and sat on the balcony while enjoying a drink and the view. The wine tour was perfect. There was lots of history in the vineyard and the Cava was excellent.

, 3 2018

The tour and overall experience was fantastic! Rodrigo was great and very knowledgeable!

, 2 2018

I have taken lots of Viator tours and been delighted with them all until this one. First of all we arrived at the office as per the booking to find that the van was not there, it was in an underground car park which we had to walk to. Please note the word van. It was not a mini bus. It does say it is a van in the description but it hadn't really registered with me as every other tour I have taken has been in lovely luxury mini buses. There was no microphone in the van and so the little bit of information the guide was giving only made it to the 2 people sitting up front with her. Having a microphone is such an easy thing to arrange and the information would have been heard by all, which is after all why we book a tour. We headed to Montserrat and after being taken to see The Black Madonna we were given some brief information, a brochure from the tourist information office detailng walks available and told that the Funicular was closed beyond her control We were then left for 4.5 hours. The weather was not great but we took the cable car trip, visited the museum and explored the area. We managed to pass our time fairly well despite the weather but 4.5 hours would be a long time if you were not a walker or the weather prohibited you walking.
We when left Montserrat and visited the Cava Winery. This part of the trip was very enjoyable - we visited Pares Balta but the tasting was a bit rushed because Anna was waiting for us. Really wished we had had a little less time in Montserrat and more time to enjoy the tasting. This wine tasting saved this trip but only just.
We felt Anna did not really engage with us or any of the other tourists on the tour 8 people in total which was a shame.
Often the guides are part of the fun on the tours.
This was a fairly expensive tour and we did not feel we got value for money

, 2 2018

Great day with our guide Sergio from Explore Catalunya. This was a small group outing with only six in a comfortable large tourist van. Sergio was most informative during our approx. one hour drive. He provided tips upon arrival then left us to explore. The winery tour was informative and fun!

, 2 2018

This was an amazing trip. The highlight is obviously Montserrat but it's nice to wind down after wards with a wine tour. We really, really enjoyed our time and loved having the few hours to wander around by ourselves. Cannot recommend this tour enough.

, 1 2018

Would highly recommend!

, 12 2017

This tour was absolutely amazing. We arrived at Explore Catalunya at 8am- and at 830 sharp we left the city to Monserrat which was breathtaking. Our guide (Sergio)

, 11 2017

We had the best time on this tour. I would highly recommend it for a day trip out of Barcelona. Montserrat was just incredible. I definitely recommend walking up to the cross or to the top if you have the time for an incredible view. Its a wonderful place to explore and make sure to stop by the street vendor for the cheese curds and honey. YUMMY! The wine tour was awesome was well. The tour guide was the sweetest and we learned a lot about the region. Bought several bottles to drink during the remainder of our stay : Chavi, our tour guide, was so kind. This is a good break from the city and so well rounded with history and wine. I would definitely recommend!

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