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王宮は、バンコク最大の名所の1つです。 ツアーにはエメラルド寺院への訪問が含まれています。 バンコク滞在中に、プロの現地ガイドが英語で案内するこの小グループツアーに参加してみませんか。 午前出発(午前8時)と午後出発(午後1時)の2種類のオプションがあります。 ホテルのメイン ロビーまで、車でお迎えに上がります。



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, 10 2016

Wasn't even taken to the Palace at all on this tour, but thankfully the guide and the temples we did see was worthwhile.

Viator needs to improve its voucher details and supplier communications as well to avoid this happening again.

, 7 2016

Amazing Palace, air-cond, on my own, no big cues, heaps of photos, we had enough time i felt to stop at some of the other major attractions/sites/buildings in town for a photo i.e. Parliament house, kings monument just drove past pointing them out disappointing then after the quick shopping in the jewellers shop, i was informed that the tour guide had another job to do so I would have to share a ride with another couple in another van and the trip took longer on the way back to my hotel 45mins. as these people where on their way to MBK shopping plaza in town i was dropped off last.. not impressed with that

, 6 2016

The Grand Palace is absolutely amazing to see it is high on my list of most beautiful places in the world. The tour guide had proficient English skills and could hold a conversation and answer questions. He was super helpful throughout the tour. There was nobody else on the tour, so this was actually a private tour for us. My only complaint about the tour itself was that we didn't get enough time in the complex to see everything as much as we wanted to. The guide gave us 15 minutes after showing us the buildings to go see everything up close by ourselves. I think 45 minutes would have been much better.

I was not super thrilled with the tour company themselves. They sent me 5 emails in the 2 weeks leading up to the tour to confirm a meeting point and emphasize we must be there promptly at 7:30am they couldn't pick us up from our guest house because they couldn't find the address.... So that morning we are rushing to get ready and be at the meeting point on time. We get there a few minutes early and wait. A few minutes after 7:30am, I check my email and at 9:30pm the night before they had sent another email saying we didn't need to meet until 8am and that is when they would pick us up. I know in the grand scheme of things 30 min is not a big deal-- it was just aggravating for them to do that because on international data usage, you can only check email very occasionally, plus they sent it such short notice.

Regardless, the tour itself was well worth it.

, 5 2016

The tour was just ok, what really upset us, was that the tour description in Viator specifically includes a visit to Wat Poh and as soon as we got into the car, the guide told us that it did not. We showed her the tour description on the web, she called her office and still their answer was no: we are not going to Wat Pho.

There was only three of us in the tour that actually came together, and not only they told us to blame Viator for misinforming us, but they wouldnt change itinerary and persisted in going to the Gems Factory after Royal Palace...definitely a tourist scam.

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