Bangkok, タイ

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Time4時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


バンコクで半日の料理教室でタイ料理について学びましょう。地元の市場で材料を見るところから始め、空調の効いたキッチンに戻り、少人数の料理レッスンを開始します。20品以上(パイナップル炒飯、甘酢チキン、グリーンカレーなど)の中から5品を選び、シェフのインストラクターの指導を受けながら料理します。教室が開催されるキッチンはBTS(スカイトレイン)近くの便利な立地です。 朝か午後の仕上げに、ご自分で準備したご馳走をお楽しみ頂きます。
  • バンコクで習う料理教室&マーケットツアー(食事付き)
  • マーケットでタイの食材を見学
  • タイ料理の作り方と味付けのコツを伝授
  • タイ料理全5品をレクチャー。レッスン終了後にみんなで試食
  • 各コースのレシピの中から作りたいレシピを選択
  • 午前または午後のクラス
  • ベジタリアン向けメニューあり



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, 10 2018

My daughter and I had a great time cooking and learning about Thai cuisine. The chefs and staff were really friendly and helpful. Would recommend.

, 3 2018

This tour was amazing and I met a few new associates. Finding the instructor at the metro was easy and we went on a short market walk where she explained several different vegetables and their uses. We then walked to the school which is close by the metro. Great cooking class. You pick what you cook

, 2 2018

This was an excellent class. I was the only person booked in for the class so I got a private class with Chef Guitar. The lesson was very good from a superb teacher. You get the recipes to take home with you. The recipes are good for ingredients but not so good for method. Go hungry as you will be eating what you cook.

, 1 2018

The crew for this cooking class was wonderful. Bank has a great sense of humor, everyone was patient with us---we all became professional cooks with their help. I had enough food that I took it back to my apartment/hotel and had it for dinner the next night. Everyone was happy with the class. Location was great, easy to find the person at the BTS station, the market was close and so was the school. I hope I have another opportunity to go to this class again. Highly recommend this class and it's a great value.

, 10 2017

Good fun! Learned a lot about Thai ingredients and made some excellent dishes!

, 10 2017

I absolutely enjoyed my time with Chef Dao and Chef Mel! They were super knowledgeable, kind, warm, and fun! I would definitely take this class again and recommend everyone to take the class. Minimal cooking experience need!

, 10 2017

It was a really fun afternoon and great value. More focus on cooking technique would have been nice, and there was a bit much going on in the class with the amount of attendees and cooking options, but still well worth it.

, 9 2017

It was a light class - easy to understand and follow. The short trip to the vegetable market was a good addition as well.
Good job to our instructor - sorry, forgot her name though!

Thank you for a wonderful session!

, 9 2017

Spent 5 days here learning authentic Thai cooking. Class was run extremely well. This is a highly recommended experience to do in bangkok. The food tasted absolutely amazing. This is a must do whilst in Bangkok.

, 9 2017

Very informative and educating event - full of fun Class - worthy to explore

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