Auckland, ニュージーランド

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  • 街のウォーキングツアーで地元の通りを散策しましょう
  • 地元の住民から耳寄り情報を得ましょう
  • 少人数グループで、きめ細かいサービスをご提供いたします
  • 歴史巡りツアーで過去にタイムスリップします



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, 3 2018

We had so much fun with MiMi walking to the various establishments on our food and wine tour! Every stop was so enjoyable as we sampled the delicious foods and New Zealand wines. We had great conversation the whole tour amongst ourselves as well as with the chefs and staff where we sampled the delicious menus. On our last stop we ended up staying for dinner sitting at the bar facing the kitchen and chatting up the staff as they prepared the food. Overall it was one of our most enjoyable tours in New Zealand and highly recommend this tour with MiMi.

Glen Hallford
San Francisco, CA

staff the during the whole tour and the while time and with great conversation.

Mimi is a wealth of a wealth of

, 11 2017

This is the perfect tour if you like good food, wine, learning a bit of history of Auckland and want to get the lay of the land.

Mimi our guide was knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. Really fun. She was also very kind to help us with a restaurant recommendation for the day after the tour

, 4 2017

Mimi did a great job! it was like meeting an old friend. : Mimi was very informative as we walked, ate, and sipped.
All her choices for treat stops couldn't of been better. it was the perfect way to start the trip. I would highly recommend starting your trip in Aucklandn with Mimi!!!! and when we come back, we will book another tour with Mimi.

thanks for a great tour! Deborah

, 3 2017

What a fabulous way to explore downtown Auckland! Mimi starts with a short history of the area as we walk the harbor and downtown area. All of the restaurants that Mimi had selected that day for the tour were just wonderful. At each restaurant a table was setup and waiting and were warmly greeted by the local staff/owner!
Each location was a sampling of the unique food and paired wine from that restaurant. Our history lesson included details on the restaurants and the area. Can't think of a better way to see a small section of the Auckland downtown and get a better understanding of the history of this wonderful city. Using the info that Mimi had provided we choose a location for our evening meal and stopped at a desert shop that Mimi walked us past for some sweets!!
If you get to Auckland you really need to take with tour!!!

, 2 2017

In February we took this splendid tour of downtown Auckland's most appealing restaurants. Known to the owners of each venue, Mimi's familiarity with the offerings provided a delicious cross-section through the city'd variety of foods and wines. We started with perfectly fresh oysters at the harbourside, and finished several stops later at a trendy and expertly avant-garde Indian eatery called Cassia. Our favourite we returned a week later, changing our itinerary just to enjoy lunch there. And throughout the tour, Mimi pointed out spots of interest and revealed the fast-changing history of Auckland's dining scene.
This was a great experience in itself, and an irreplaceable introduction to the offerings of the city's CBD. Knowledgable and sunny, Mimi was the ideal guide. If you enjoy dining out, don't hesitate to book her tour.

, 2 2017

Mimi took us to the most interesting restaurants and bars in Auckland. She is very knowledgable about the food, wine and history of New Zealand. It was a six star experience.

, 1 2017

What a fabulous tour - we may even take it again tomorrow, as Mimi has a number of restaurants she deals with, so she doesn't use the same ones every day. What really stood out was that each restaurant was expecting us, and was ready to share a special wine or two, as well as a signature dish or two. The timing of Mimi's tour at 3:30-3:45 is perfect, as the restaurants are not packed at that time, so a manager or owner will generally greet you and fill you in about what you are eating and drinking, as well as a bit of history of the establishment. The choice of restaurants was very well curated, so that each one was a totally different experience. We wish we had time to return to each of them. One of the restaurants is the hottest place in town at the moment, but a visitor would never find it on his own, as it is in a basement on a street that looks like an alley, and the sign is very tiny. Last, but not least, Mimi is a lovely, lively lady,who will fill you in on some very interesting local history, as well as great restaurant recommendations. Take this tour as soon as you arrive in Auckland, and you will eat well the rest of your stay!

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