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ワーナーブラザーズスタジオの舞台裏で、LAのセレブカルチャーの雰囲気を味わいましょう。かの有名な110エーカー(44ヘクタール)の撮影現場を実際に触れて、見て、探索します。実際にこの場所で 「フレンズ」「バットマン」「ビッグバン★セオリー/ギークなボクらの恋愛法則」そして「エレンの部屋」などの映画やテレビ番組の撮影が行われました。現在、またはかつてハル・ベリー、トム・クルーズ、オジー・オズボーンらセレブリティが暮らした邸宅を見に行くドライブのオプションもあります。ハリウッドサイン、シャトー・マーモント、ザ・ヴァイパー・ルーム、ロデオドライブもチェック。
  • ワーナー・ブラザース・スタジオとハリウッドの1日コンボツアー、ハリウッドとセレブの豪邸オプショナルツアー
  • ワーナー・ブラザース・スタジオツアーで、テレビや映画のセットの裏側を垣間見れます
  • 「フレンズ」「バットマン」「ビッグバン★セオリー ギークなボクらの恋愛法則」などの撮影用セットや防音スタジオを見学します
  • ワーナー・ブラザースのアーカイブと小道具倉庫の両方を見学
  • オプションの映画スター自宅ツアーもあります。トム・クルーズ、マドンナ、ハル・ベリーの家を見学!
  • エンターテイメント業界の両面を見る絶好のチャンス



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, 4 2018

I found out the night before that I wasn't just going to Warner Brothers, but I would be going to the Hollywood area for about two and a half hours first. I had already been there earlier in the week, so I wasn't too happy about that. After arriving at the company's main office at 8:30 a.m., I was told I'd be back at the Anaheim hotel by 6:00. Once I got on the bus, I found out that I would first have to go to Universal Studios for a drop off, then Hollywood for the two and a half hours, then I'd do my Warner Brothers Tour and then I'd have to go to Universal City Walk at 5:00 and wait for the Universal Studios people from our bus who wouldn't be meeting us until 7:15. We would then get back around 8:45 to 9:00 p.m. I told the bus driver that I was told I'd be back at 6:00 p.m. Later she arranged for me to ride back to Anaheim with another employee and a family of four. We left at 4:45 and arrived back at 6:30. This was very nice of them, but it would have been nice if the company would have been upfront about the timeline of the day. It would have been almost a twelve hour day when all I wanted to see was the Warner Brothers Tour. Make sure you ask questions about this tour. It is not as stated as online.

, 3 2017

We were picked up on time at our hotel in Anaheim, dropped off at the Starline tours depot and then we boarded a large greyhound style bus which we took to Hollywood Blvd. drop off point right by the Madame Tussard's. We opted out of the Stars Homes tour and instead we had around 2-3 hours to look around. We went to Madame Tussard's Wax museum which we all enjoyed - 2 adults and 3 teens, and then to lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. Only wish we'd had a bit more time to shop as they had a fantastic Marshall's store right across from where we were picked up from our bus with some nice discounted designer bags Kate Spade and clothes. The Warner Bros Studio tour was really enjoyable. It was quite different from the Universal Studios Tour. Lot's of behind the scenes things to see ie. props department, sound stages and then you end up at the museum/cafe. Overall, a really fun day.

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