Amsterdam, オランダ

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Time90分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • アムステルダム・レッドライト地区の1時間半のウォーキング・ツアー
  • ダム広場、カサロッソ、チャイナタウン、売春博物館をめぐっていきます。
  • 夜のアムステルダムの雰囲気を体験します。
  • 現地ガイドから内部の事情について聞くことができます。



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, 10 2018

We went on a Saturday night so there were a lot of people can’t imagine what it would be like during high season.Our guide was very knowledgeable and had such enthusiasm for his hometown. He explained how the girls are unionized, safe, get a pension and pay taxes.Worth doing, wish the group was a bit smaller but otherwise ok.

, 7 2018

This was one of our highlights on our trip. Our guide was the owner and he was so much fun! Super informative, very friendly and welcoming! I felt like he really did his research and he really wanted us to learn about this highly taboo area.

If are you looking at tours, I HIGHLY recommend this one!

, 7 2018

Our guide Mark was great and extremely informative about the red light district. Loved every minute of the tour and would recommend to any one who had an open mind.

, 5 2018

best tour of my entire trip. amazing.

, 4 2018

Tour guide Martin was fantastic. A great knowledge base with very entertaining stories.

, 12 2017

Martin was one of the better tour guides my wife and I have had in the of tours we have done in the last 2 years of our European travels. He was very animated and had great stories. It was also clear it was important for him that everyone was entertained and engaged. I would highly recommend this tour if you are not faint of heart

, 12 2017

Great tour led by Mark! Information given to us was interesting and informative. Great overview of the area while highlighting some popular/important areas and answered all our questions with honesty and knowledge. Done well by ensuring that safety and respect was a priority! Would recommend!!

, 11 2017

Very good tour with a very enthusiastic guide. Walking through the red light district and learning about the interesting information regarding the area was fascinating. The guide was very interactive and was happy to answer all questions. The tour finishes around 11.30 but the red light district and almost all of Amsterdam dam square area is full of activity till late night. so no trouble getting back to my hotel.

, 10 2017

Unfortunately we never found our tour guide. In our confirmation it said to meet at Dam Square and that our guide would have on a black cap with a picture of a red light on it. During the time we were in Amsterdam a carnival/fair was going on right in Dam Square. We arrived at the square about 5 minutes early and waited at the monument as we assumed that would be a good place to find our guide, although the confirmation just said to meet in Dam Square. I waited in one spot while my husband walked around the monument several times. We finally just gave up and walked around the area by our selves. About 2 hours later the guide called and said he was there with a black umbrella, I guess THAT was how he thought we were suppose to recognize him! It was not crowded around the monument as the crowds were all around the fair and I'm pretty sure we would have noticed him if he was wearing the cap we were looking for.. He did offer the tour for the next night but we already had plans. I also saw that he did try to call me about 9:05 but I never heard my phone. I think he, or someone should have made contact with us the day before to give us a more exact meeting location considering the fair was going on in the square.

, 10 2017

It was the best tour ever, and what really made this tour so much fun was our guide, Martin! He was funny, upbeat, and most of all he was so knowledgeable and able to answer any question asked. If you want a fabulous and informative Red Light District tour make sure you ask for the guide Martin. He will definitely make this tour the highlight of your trip to Amsterdam.

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