Amsterdam, オランダ

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  • アムステルダムからキューケンホフ公園へ移動と入場
  • キューケンホフ公園のエクスプレスパスが含まれます
  • 音声ガイドを聞きながらオランダの地方を移動
  • 公園を単独かつ自分のペースで探索
  • アムステルダムから30分おきに発車するバス付きの一日中複数の時間のオファー
  • アップグレードするとアムステルダムのパノラマビューが楽しめる新観光名所のアムス展望塔のチケットが含まれます



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, 4 2018

We had a fabulous day, lots of people, but to be expected. The weather had been cold leading up to our visit so some tulips were not at their fullest but the large tulip greenhouse was spectacular with loads of varieties. We loved it, coach drivers and staff all lovely.

, 4 2018

It was a fun trip, as we had a short ride to get the tickets on the ferry boat. Then you walk to office to redeem voucher for tickets. Best to do this early to get a good time. We spent 2 hours there and saw lots, some may wish longer. Bus ride back to drop off point was easy and about an hour ride. Back on the ferry and then we caught a tram to explore some more of the city.

, 4 2018

A great way to visit the gardens with minimal stress, just picking the bus up from the A'DAM tower and being driven straight to the gardens.

, 4 2018

Bus trip out to Keukenhof was fine. Met at the A'Dam meeting area, loaded the bus and off we went. About half full on the bus but is was March 27 so not a huge crowd headed to the gardens. Short trip as advertised. Short walk from parking lot. Keukenhof is huge. I can see there will be really large crowds when the outdoor tulips bloom. There were some outside but thousands in the buildings. Hundreds of colors and styles. More than you can ever imagine. Took a lot of pictures. There were plenty of bathrooms and eating/drinking stops along the route. A very beautiful place. I would say a must see when in Amsterdam. The Viator tour is the way to go. Print out voucher, get on the bus, view the tulips. A Great Day in the Netherlands.

, 3 2018

Awesome and I will come again.

, 6 2017

This was a fantastic tour of the gardens. Very easy to catch the bus. Ferry ride from the terminal-over to Adam tower-where bus was located. About a 45 minute ride to the gardens. The gardens are absolutely amazing. You will see about 4 indoor buildings where they have created flower arrangements as works of art. The rest of the outdoor gardens are equally amazing. We went during the last 5 days and there was still plenty to see. Worth going earlier if you want to see the field where they harvest the tulips-but plenty to see if you go later as well.

, 5 2017

Keukenhof es HERMOSO! Tuvimos la fortuna de estar el último día de apertura de la temporada y no caben arrepentimientos. No te imaginas las flores que se ven, no hay que perdérselo por nada del mundo!

, 5 2017

Keukenhof es HERMOSO! Tuvimos la fortuna de estar el último día de apertura de la temporada y no caben arrepentimientos. No te imaginas las flores que se ven, no hay que perdérselo por nada del mundo!

, 5 2017

Great option from getting from Amsterdam Centraal to Keukenhof. I would recommend getting there early as there are no markings on where to find the bus. The audio on the bus was broken so that was a bummer. It was great having the tickets but you still wait in line with everyone else who has tickets. The bus on the way home had broken air conditioning and it was in the mid 80's that day. The people were great.

, 5 2017

Actually I was left by the Premium Tour Bus because I went to the toilet but I came back to the office and they gave me a new ticket with Hop On Hop Off Bus Keukenhof Tour with no guide. But that was OK as I still made it to the Keukenhof. The tulip park was so large and many kind of beautiful colors tulips. A'DAM Lookout Tower ticket only for photo from the tower to see the city of Holland. But if you wanna try the highest swing then you have to pay for EUR 5. I paid and tried the highest swing but too bad the swing officer couldn't help to take the pic of me because he didn't know how to turn on my DSLR camera. It was disappointed because I won't pay more for another swing for EUR 5 again because I have to get out of there and join for Hop On Hop Off Boat and Bus Tour.

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