Montgomery, Alabama

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モンゴメリー ミステリー ツアーは、アラバマ川沿い 300 Water Street にあるユニオン駅から出発します。鉄道旅行全盛期の面影を残すダウンタウンの商業街に隣接した駅です。 このツアーでは、公民権運動、南北戦争やアラバマ音楽と民族芸術家の発見できわめて重要な役割を果たしたモンゴメリーのダウンタウンに存在する16の史跡を巡ります。 平和と正義を象徴する場所を訪れ、真実と和解の歴史を学び、人生が変わるほどの対話を生むきっかけとなることでしょう。 ガイドがアラバマの歴史や芸術にまつわる豆知識を披露します。参加者には映画をテーマとした賞品を獲得するチャンスがあります。参加者は笑い、泣き、歌う心構えで来てください。そしてモンゴメリーで最も話題の、秘宝を見つけてください。これ以上お話すればミステリーではなくなってしまいますので説明はここまでにします。



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, 8 2018

I really enjoyed this tour!!!

, 7 2018

Book this tour. It is amazing, unique, intimate, and informative. Michelle is an incredible and engaging person she will make you think, reflect, and laugh. We asked her many random questions about Montgomery's past and present and she had answers ready to go. You will see and learn so much about Montgomery's history, from the slave trade to the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. I cannot recommend this tour enough!

, 3 2018

Fabulous! If you want local knowledge and a social justice perspective, and you are ready to see, sing, learn and laugh...More Than Tours is the way to go!! Michelle adapted the tour to our needs and interests and we saw and learned a lot. Warm and welcoming. Plus she knows everyone in town!

, 11 2017

So much to learn about the city, and such a personal and fun way to do it. Highly recommend!

, 7 2017

Michelle's tour was great! She showed us so many sites in a short time, but still gave us a lot of history of the area. She was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. She seemed to know a lot of people around town and was able to show us things not normally seen by the public. It was 2 hours very well spent as we came through town for just part of the day. Thank you Michelle for a great time!

, 12 2016

This tour was a highlight of our American History/Civil Rights trip. Michelle was our wonderful guide, and she ably combined her extensive knowledge of Alabama/Montgomery history with her very creative approach to sharing information in a variety of ways. She took us to several places and hidden gems that you would otherwise miss, and she also provided an important and multi-faceted context that added to the depth of our experience, making it historically educational, thought-provoking, and inspiring. As if that weren't enough, Michelle also embodied the extraordinarily lovely Southern Hospitality that so impressed us throughout our trip. My husband and I highly recommend this tour.

, 11 2016

We really enjoyed the tour! Our guide Michelle took us to the most important places in Montgomery which shaped the history of the city and the nation during the civil rights movement. The tour had a great atmosphere and Michelle made it fun, even though the subjects we talked about are very serious

, 9 2016

To start off with, I found this tour in trip advisor and my wife and I thought it sounded great. Within 5 minutes our tour guide gave me a call to set it up. Michelle was our tour guide and met us at Union Station in Montgomery Al. Michelle was the best most knowledgeable guide I have ever been with and took us to some places that most guides wouldn't even think about. I highly recommend this tour to anyone that wants to learn some Alabama history and trust me Alabama has a lot of history. I highly recommend Michelle as your tour guide, you will not be disappointed. A

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