• ロケーション: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 所要時間: 3時間 (約)


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投稿者: Leia V , 2016年 9月

Viktorija was a GREAT tour guide! It ended up being a private tour for my friend and I and she was very knowledgable and informative and took us all over the city, and at a very manageable pace. Highly recommend!

投稿者: Anne D , 2016年 9月

A beautiful old town and a fabulous guide who showed it off extremely well.

投稿者: David S , 2013年 12月

A way to see all the sights of Vilnius in a short amount of time.

投稿者: Torbjörn S , 2015年 6月

Kunnig guide

投稿者: Florent A , 2015年 9月

I wanted to make a regular city tour, but as there wasn't enough people I winded up in a food tour. At the beginning it was ok because we would go to café, sat and had samples of cheese with a tiny glass of alcohol with explanations but the second half of the tour was very disappointing. We've been proposed to taste some chocolate in a shop. It wasn't very interesting and the sample were so small that I couldn't even get the taste of it. It was almost like dust. Then we went to the bio market in Uzupis and honestly I felt that if I've been there by myself it wouldn't have made a big difference.