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Cynthia C, 2012年 7月

crossing over into the city of Salzburg

Fountain at Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg (on day trip from Vienna)

David F, Bermuda, 2010年 7月

This is a fountain where the kids in the movie "Sound of Music" danced around, Salzburg

The Cathedral and Square in Salzburg

David F, Bermuda, 2010年 7月

A very impressive Cathedral. The square is really beautiful.

Monzee (Moon Lake)

Dani B, Australia, 2008年 4月

A beautiful stop on the way to Salzburg.

Salzburg - Maribelle Palace Garden

Roger M, 2016年 9月

Beautiful gardens on the Maribelle Palace grounds.

Mirabel Garden

Luiza M, 2016年 9月


Salzburg old town

Jacqueline L, 2016年 8月

Salzburg old town