• ロケーション: Tokyo, Japan
  • 所要時間: 2 days / 1 night or 3 days / 2 nights

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投稿者: Baxy , 2016年 10月

Brilliant trip, all very well arranged. Kyoto and Nara are very crowded tourist destinations so good to have planned visits. Some guides were better than others! Transfers all worked well. All things Japanese are very punctual and efficient.

投稿者: HENRY C , 2016年 9月

My wife and I really enjoy our two days visit to Kyoto and Nara, the staff and tour guides are very knowledgeable, and we have learned a great deal about their culture, expecailly the Japanese hotel we stay in, what an experience.

投稿者: tcurini2 , 2016年 6月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Carlos A C , 2016年 6月

Very friendly and attentive staff , babysitting you all the way to the train seat !! Kyoto experience very nice !

投稿者: Mika T , 2015年 8月

Really nice 2-day tour to experience Kyoto and Nara. Everything is made really easy for the traveller. We stayed in New Miyako Hotel in Kioto which was really nice. Even when we get back to Tokyo Eki, there was private luxury taxi arrenged to us to get to our Hotel in Shinjuku. Highly recommended, worth every penny.

投稿者: Montsi , 2015年 8月

Es alles tiptop organisiert und pünktlich. Ich war sehr beeindruckt. Beide Guides gaben sich Mühe gegeben trotz schlechten English. Besonders der erste Guide bei Nara war lustig drauf. Der Ausflug nach Nara war einfach zu kurz. Besonders am Shinto Shrine hatten wir nur 30-40 Minuten Zeit. Dafür am vorherigen ziemlich viel. Ich denke da hat jemand sich gedacht, der Shinto wäre nicht so interessant. Dabei wäre es toll gewesen in dem Wald mit den vielen Laternen ein kleinen Spaziergang zu machen. Am zweiten Tag hatten wir viel Zeit. Geheim Tipp: vom letzten Besichtigungsposten dem Kyomizu Tempel nach Gion-Viertel runterlaufen. Tolle kleine idyllischen Strassen und Läden!
Ich empfehle nicht Rihga Hotel zu nehmen. Lieber New Myjako Hotel weil es näher am Bahnhof/Metro ist.

投稿者: Chun Yee P , 2015年 5月

This tour is amazing!nice hotel and nice place.all inclusions in tour details are provided.

投稿者: fourmurrays , 2015年 4月

Tour of Kyoto was exceptional. We were lucky enough to have the same tour guide for the morning and afternoon tours and he was very informative and was very organized. We were able to hear him even when there were competing tours right next to us. Lunch in Kyoto at The New Miyako Hotel was very good.

投稿者: Ian B , 2014年 12月

This was a great trip. Everything was included. The tour was flawless and when the representatives advised they would be in a certain place at a certain time, they were. Accommodation in Kyoto was great, much better then we expected from a tourist class hotel

投稿者: james S , 2014年 12月

We really enjoyed the tour! We were well looked after and the travel was stress free. The tour guides were pleasant, knowledgable and entertaining. Their English was sometimes hard to grasp. The hotels and food were good and in general the tour was good value.

投稿者: Batara , 2014年 12月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Narelle H , 2014年 10月

As a solo traveller, this 3 day visit to Kyoto was fantastic. I couldn't fault any part of it. Everybody was reliable, everything ran to the timetable, the hotel and food was exceptional and most of all a very friendly experience.
Thank you Sunrise tours and Viatot.

投稿者: Melanie C , 2014年 10月

Fantastic tour to see Kyoto highlights in a short period of time. Super well organised and well looked after. Absolutely loved it! Thank you for a great experience!

投稿者: Jillian E , 2014年 9月

This tour was outstanding. Everything was extremely well planned. There was someone to meet me every step of the journey. The tour guides were knowledgable and humorous. I would recommend this tour to anyone. It was an excellent way to see Kyoto in a limited amount of time.

投稿者: rafael g , 2014年 9月

All very well arrenged for total confort. Good visits, all guides are knowledgeable, although the morning tour one had a very difficult accent for not native English speakers. Good food.

投稿者: Lisa B , 2014年 8月

This was the best way to see Kyoto. They guide you through ever step, including taking you to the train platform. Our hotel was great and the attractions were awesome.

投稿者: Deanna S , 2014年 1月

Unbelievable. Very organized and we had so much fun. Guides were very good as well

投稿者: Rich W , 2013年 12月

Enjoyed this tour greatly. The Bullet Train is amazing, so fast, so quiet.
Kyoto and Nara are so different from Tennessee. The tour guides did a wonderful job.
Knew their history and answered questions well.
The hotel was better than expected. Well worth the money to go with the first class option.

投稿者: Beverley F , 2013年 12月

Well worthwhile. Superbly efficient arrangements and very knowledgeable and friendly guides. We stayed in Hotel Monterey in Kyoto which was very nice,but we struggled to find somewhere to eat close by. We actually found an 80's style bar in a basement down the street on the left which was great and quite cheap

投稿者: Jennifer H , 2013年 7月

Nara was something else, I really felt like I was far far away from reality. The deer park was amazing and fun. There were a ton of school kids there giggling and eating ice cream. Kyoto was out of this world, seeing the Imperial Palace and the 500 Buddha this is TOTALLY different than Europe! The Okura hotel will make you feel like a celebrity and has several great restaurants tucked in all over. It is also near a river with restaurants lining that all the way up and down. We had free time on the last day so we arranged a bike tour which was great and went to the mall! That was fun too since we got a foot massage and had a nice long lunch in the air conditioning. If I returned to Japan, it would not be in summer. Saw the back of a real geisha getting into a cab (the tour guide told me) and the Shinkansen made me wish the United States was this streamlined and organized. Worth every penny.

投稿者: William B , 2013年 4月

This was a great tour! We were picked up at our hotel, escorted to the bullet train (actually put us in our seats), picked up at the Kyoto station (a host was waiting on the platform) and taken to lunch. After lunch we started our Nara tour with a knowledgeable guide. We were returned to our Kyoto hotel by the tour bus.

The next morning, the bus picked us up at the hotel and we did the morning tour and afternoon tour of Kyoto. The bus took us to the Kyoto station and the host put us on the bullet train back to Tokyo. We arrived in Tokyo and we were met by another host at the platform. He escorted the group to cabs, which returned us to our hotel.

The only recommendation we have is that the lunch breaks should be a little shorter. This would have provided us more time at the Kyoto sights.

Everyone related to the tour company was friendly and extremely competent. We highly recommend this tour to everyone.

投稿者: Felipe M , 2012年 12月

I had a great experience during this three-day tour. Simply fantastic! Nice sightseeing in the first two days, and a very usefull day-off, allowing me to visit the very pleasent city of Osaka. No complains at all about the staff, who, like the Japanese population, was so kind and effective full time

投稿者: gregory a , 2012年 12月

This tour was fantastic, from start to finish (literally in our hotel lobby). The tour staff were all remarkably polite, very sincerely friendly and interesting, and helpful at all times. The tour was "pricey" but worth every penny. We would recommend it heartily.

投稿者: Cesar C , USA, 2012年 11月

If you have a limited time to see Kyoto and Nara, this is an excellent tour to take. The tour company took very good care of us...picking us up at our hotel and bringing us all the way to our seats on the train. Someone else from the company met us at the train platform in Kyoto and brought us for a wonderful lunch at the New Miyako Hotel before starting on a tour of Nara. There is so much to see in these two cities and we felt like we saw most of the highlights of the area. The tour guides were all very good and well informed. I would recommend this tour to friends visiting Tokyo.

投稿者: PRADEEP K , 2012年 10月

It was a fabulous tour, meticulously planned and perfectly executed. Bus picked us on time, tour guide handed over detailed instructions and accompanied us to the railway platform to board the Bullet train. Another guide received us at the Kyoto railway station. The two day sight seeing tour was well planned with regular toilet breaks and enough time for leisurely lunches. Our overnight stay hotel had well appointed, big rooms. Food was tasty and special care was taken to cater to vegetarians. Tour guides spoke reasonable English and were well informed of the history and culture of Japan. The staff was very caring and respectful. We have travelled the world but no where have we experienced such personal attention and a helpful attitude.

When I booked the tour from India I felt it was quite expensive, considering travel in India is cheap. But the wonderful experience and the care of staff and quality of hotel I think we got good value for money.

We will recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting Japan.

Pradeep Kashyap