• ロケ��ション: Tokyo, Japan
  • 所要時間: 3 days / 2 nights

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投稿者: David A S , 2016年 10月

Must be done..

投稿者: David , 2016年 7月

Just made it so easy to see more of Japan. Great hotels and so impressed by Japanese transport.

投稿者: gary b , 2015年 9月

Awesome is all I can say. The hotels were very nice and the staff there were great. The Shinkansen instructions were right in the money. Great trip.

投稿者: Gerard A H , 2015年 6月

Fantastic hotels
Fantastic trains
Loved it!!

投稿者: Gerard A H , 2015年 6月

Hotels were amazing! Train trip was perfect!
Location to station was sensational!
Everything was fantastic!! It would have been nice to have a recommendation sheet for where to eat and what to see. But not necessary.

投稿者: marcbal77 , 2015年 5月

Well worth it if you are able to find your way on your own and get around both Kyoto and Hiroshima on your own. One thing to note as well, the tickets they give you for the bullet train are good up to 7 days from the date on the ticket. So we did not necessarily have to leave at the designated time that was assigned on our ticket. And the bullet trains come to Tokyo station quite often, so we left when we felt like 2 of us got to Kyoto, checked in to our hotel, rented a bike and saw all the sites we wanted. Then in Hiroshima, we spent the time at the A-bomb site and went to the Itsukushima Shrine. We left the next day on the last bullet train back to Tokyo. It was great in terms of freedom and having everything ready for us to use, while going about our own plans one of us can read and speak Japanese.

投稿者: davidfyl , Switzerland, 2014年 12月

Enjoyed it very much. Train journet was simple and friendly. Hotels in Kyoto and Hiroshima are friendly and helpful.

投稿者: Mark W , 2016年 6月

Good value, the hotels were decent and the staff helpful...but don't expect large rooms, or too many amenities.

投稿者: Elisabeth D , 2016年 3月

Es hat alles reibungslos geklappt. Die Unterlagen wurden ins Hotel geliefert. Die Zugfahrt und die Hotelübernachtungen waren gebucht. Beide Städte sind sehr sehenswert, allerdings hätte man für die vielen Sehenwürdigkeiten in der alten Kaiserstadt Kyoto mehr Zeit gebraucht. Nicht eine, sondern zwei Übernachtungen wären dort angebracht. Davon abgesehen war es eine sehr schöne Tour.

投稿者: F A G H , 2014年 1月

Beautiful cities, impressive sites. Hotel accommodations were very good both in terms of quality as well as locations. Tickets and information provided was to the point and timely delivered to our hotel.

投稿者: Charles S , 2015年 8月

Great hotel rooms right by the station... Needed an extra day in hiroshima and Yamaguchi- was disappointed the Bullet train ticket back to tokyo only good for day issued. this meant
I had to cough up for 3 seats Yamaguchi to Tokyo on my own. Despite this being an independent tour,
you guys should really attach some material on both cities.

投稿者: Helen R , 2014年 11月

Crowds in Kyoto were overwhelming. Was very difficult and time consuming to arrange our own tour guides.