• ロケーション: Taormina, Italy
  • 所要時間: 4時間 (約)

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投稿者: Francesco A , 2016年 8月

Awesome trip. We surprised our friend on this tour and we all thought it was a great tour.
Would definitely recommend it. Also got to see a wedding in one of the towns.
Loved it.

投稿者: shan m , 2016年 8月

excellent. used his company before for grand canyon helicopter tour. Easy to book , picked up on time at choosen destination. Well worth the money. The tour was excellent and the views breathtaking!!! Not one to be missed.

投稿者: Derek K , 2016年 6月

This tour was great and loved the crew, great entertainers and beautiful villages.

投稿者: VilmaG , 2016年 6月

I would highly recommend this tour. It was amazing.

投稿者: vinell w , 2015年 10月

This tour was fantastic! Our tour guide Chris was great, his knowledge of the area was marvelous.

投稿者: Jonathan S , 2016年 9月

The tour was very interesting and the guide was also very knowledgeable.

投稿者: Sonya L , 2016年 6月

Not a godfather tour!!! Our tour guide said from the start it was the people that named the trip. Well worth doing to see the places in the movie but dont except clips or trivia.

投稿者: Michelle H , 2016年 6月

Great opportunity to see where some of the scenes from the Godfather films were made. Countryside is delightful. It would have been better however if more free time had been allowed in each village. Just 10 minutes didn't really give you enough time to see anything independently which was a shame.

投稿者: esippel , 2015年 10月

The tour itself was just ok. not as much movie trivia as expected but that was ok. Bus driver was excellent. Tour guide was informative. However he appeared to have been drinking he reeked of alcohol , and actually did have shots at the stop we made. And he smoked incessantly every time we stepped out of the bus. I had to stay away from the group to avoid the smell, and didn't get to hear as much as I wanted to. However, I thought he was informed, and did offer some odd trivia facts.

投稿者: SDC17 , Malta, 2015年 9月

It's ok if you want to see some different parts of sicily and hear a bit about history but of very little interest relating to the Godfather movie!

投稿者: doggy , 2015年 8月

OK a bit drawn out was better tours locally

投稿者: David J , 2015年 6月

The trip was generally okay but very overpriced. The tour guide was pleasant enough though there was very little information about the film location.

投稿者: ph1114 , 2016年 6月

The time spent in the bus, to and from the two small towns, exceeded the time spent in the two towns. Also the tour really does not focus on The Godfather Movie. It's more of a history and culture of the two towns. The name of the tour seems to only be, to draw in the tourists. The tour guide, Christian, was interesting and very good. We just thought that he was given poor subject matter. This tour needs to be fixed.

投稿者: Julio Jose P , 2016年 5月

De acuerdo a lo conversado con el representante en TAORMINA, NOEMA VIAGGI, Solicito el reembolso correspondiente a lo abonado por el tour de referencia, ya que por motivos ajenos a nosotros no lo hemos podido realizar. Muchas gracias