• ロケーション: シドニー, オーストラリア
  • 所要時間: 30分

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投稿者: Susan M , 2016年 4月

A brilliant experience we have been on many speed boat trips but this has to be the best by far, Rocky our skipper made the whole experience fun and exciting.

投稿者: Donna K , 2015年 3月

My boys had so much fun and luckily the day was gorgeous.

投稿者: Mohd Nasriq M , 2014年 2月

Fun but wish the price not too expensive.

投稿者: Tammy N , 2013年 7月

So much fun. Great time and the guy driving was great

投稿者: Michele W , 2013年 7月

Had a great ride good fun of course we got wet sadly the photos were not the greatest as the camera had a drop on the lense so that was a waste of money but the ride was great

投稿者: Paula M , 2013年 6月

the kids went on this as I have a bad back but they LOVED it and wanted to go again and again after their rave review I would have loved to have tried it myself but sadly cant but for everyone else go out and give it a go it looks and sounds like a great ride

投稿者: Endora , 2013年 4月

Great for scenery for the adults and thrills for the kids. Good fun!

投稿者: Ian E , 2013年 3月

Lots of fun, even though the wind made it a very bumpy trip!

投稿者: Jayne , 2013年 3月

Awesome!!!!!!!!! Defiantly have to do again and for $29 you can get a USB with all the photos and video of the ride. You will get wet!!!!!

投稿者: Llewella-S C , 2013年 2月

Great experience...even though we live in Sydney region the three teenage girls loved it and me too! the responsible adult! Great driver - fun sense of humour and happy and positive...very very wet but no problems that day with beaut weather...what a great place is our Sydney Harbour!!! How lucky are we! Thanks a million.

投稿者: mrs v k m h , 2013年 2月

totally awesome

投稿者: Malcolm G , United Kingdom, 2013年 1月

Great trip,be prepared to get wet through

投稿者: Liam M , 2012年 11月

Absolutely fantastic! The staff are extremely friendly and professional. There are some great views on the way, handy way of seeing the surrounding areas! Make sure you re-confirm 24 hrs as advised as it is mega busy, we also seemed to save by booking through viator. This is a must!

投稿者: aniDgr8 , 2012年 11月

Awesome thrilling ride. Prepare to get wet even with water hoodies!

投稿者: Beach Bums , 2012年 9月

LOVED IT! Booked easily, staff lovely, driver fantastic. You WILL get wet!! Lots of 360's fast. Took our kids 8, 9, 10 and they loved it too. Don't wear your shoes - leave them in the locker. We went in winter, I'd recommend going in summer. Wear your togs and pop your clothes back on when you return as you will be soaking wet. Optional USB photo stick for purchase $29 at end of trip.

投稿者: rajbiswas81 , 2012年 9月

Awesome ride and not for the faint hearted. Dont come with a full stomach

投稿者: Susan , Ireland, 2012年 8月

Awesome, but bring a towel and a clean t-shirt for afterwards. Better to do on a sunny summer day, so you can dry off quicker!

投稿者: Scott S , 2012年 7月

We took our 3 teenage children on the Sydney Harbour Jet Boats and I would have to say this was the most fun activity we have ever done as a family. We all laughed the whole way and the "tour guide"kept us all amused. Expect to get wet!!!

投稿者: Vritti C , 2011年 7月

IT was awsomeeee!!!!! hint, make sure you don't do like me, n check out of the hotel n go n do this, koz u can get soaked!! not fun having 2 stay wid salty water in ur hair 4 the whole day!!! But really the guys are great and it really is fun!! and we actually did a whole 30min!!!

投稿者: 匿名 , 2010年 7月

What a buzz it was everything and more . very friendly staff who made our thrill ride an experience my husband and i will always remember and do all over again whrn we visit . one two three spin lol

投稿者: Rafaela T , Australia, 2010年 5月

Lots of fun!! Make sure you wear beach clothes for this one.

投稿者: Adele N , Australia, 2010年 5月

Darren was a fantastic skipper for a thrilling 30 minutes. A fantastic birthday and i plan on doing it again very shortly.

投稿者: Cheryl K , Australia, 2010年 1月

The ride is awesome, we loved it. We also could not speak more highly of all the staff. Very friendly, accommodating and helpful.

投稿者: Astrid L , USA, 2010年 1月

Awesome! The only bad thing was getting my clothes soaked and my hair tangled.

投稿者: crusader , 2015年 1月

Tour was great, could have given us more tips to keep ourselves a tiny bit drier by advising footwear to be taken off.