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投稿者: Lisa M , 2012年 11月

This tour was fantastic. Our tour guide Margaret was wonderful with loads of knowledge and information. A very emotional day, where we learnt more about the history of Changi and the atrocities that ooh place. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Singapore. Thanks again Margaret your knowledge was amazing and you educated us about Singapore in general too!

投稿者: James H , France, 2010年 4月

Our personal guide and our chauffeur helped to make this very emotional trip a lovely experience. Changi Museum is very explicit, hard on the senses, it will make you weep, but our lovely guide made it bearable by her sympathetic approach. A must for anyone interested in WWII history.

投稿者: mrsfuchs , 2017年 2月

The Changi Musuem is very interesting. As a US citizen I knew very little about Singapore and WWII. It was interesting to see how the Japanese treated the people of Singapore and how the community lived through occupation. Our guide, Lynette, was excellent. We went to two different villages to see how people lived outside the main area of Singapore, also very interesting. In one village a gentleman invited us in to see the inside of a government apartment. Our last stop was Arab street, where we decided to end the tour and stay for lunch and shopping. The only thing I would change is the length of the tour, I would make it longer.

投稿者: Maree M , 2013年 9月

Our tour guide was very informative about life in Singapore and took us to experience how they lived. We even walked through a "suburb" to see how they live in shop in the hi rises.
The tour mainly focused on their way of life which was different from tours I have been on all around the world.

投稿者: Kylie M , 2013年 6月

Very good overview of Changi and the effect of the war on Singapore. Visit to the Malay area was worthwhile too. Guide knowledgable and friendly.

投稿者: Darren P , 2012年 9月

A nice allround trip - Guide was extremely pleasant and very well informed -- Disappointing to realise the original Changi Chapel is in Canberra and only got to see a copy, but rest of museum was great

投稿者: Jason M , Australia, 2011年 7月

very well done with many interesting stop offs

投稿者: Noah H , USA, 2014年 9月

This tour was quite good.

投稿者: Bill , 2012年 1月

A dissapointing tour. As adecendant of a POW held in Changi I expected to be able to see the inside of the prison and chapel. In the tour notes it should state the situation as it is today.

投稿者: James J , Australia, 2010年 4月

Visit to museum was OK but not particularly exciting with fairly well known and documented information. Rest of tour was pretty boring. Tour guide very nice and knowledgeable.