• ロケーション: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 所要時間: 5時間 (約)

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投稿者: Candice A , 2016年 11月

What a fun tour!! I and #39;d go again! Everything was on time and as expected. Our guide was top of the line.

投稿者: Zwelinjani H , 2016年 11月

Our guide was excellent!!! Funny, informative and prompt!

投稿者: Benoit A , 2016年 11月

Totally enjoyed this tour, learned about the history of the Bacardi brand. Benjamin our guide was knowledgeable and professional. Bought the Reserva Limitada great sipping rum.

投稿者: Chiquita E , 2016年 10月

I enjoyed the tour of Casa Bacardi, and LOVED my time in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The tour guides were very friendly, and encouraged all members of the tours to get to know each other. I felt very save there, and the city reminds me of NYC: it never sleeps-so much to do and see!

投稿者: Shatara E , 2016年 8月

The best tour ever!!!!!!! Hector was so nice, funny, and thiughtful. He has such a great knowledge of this country and love for it. He was very patient with us as well. And boy can he sing, you know he and #39;s the best because he was been on tv 3 times as a tour guide and for information for Dora

投稿者: Charlotte S , 2016年 8月

My husband and I had wonderfull time in San Juan

投稿者: hobbes801 , 2016年 8月

The tour was outstanding. Our tour guide Frances from Castillo Tours was very knowledgeable, polite and very funny. My husband and 7 year old son enjoyed the both tours. Thank you Castillo Tours for the wonderful day spent at Casa Bacardi and Old San Juan Tour.

投稿者: LJ F , 2016年 7月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: ttjones80 , 2016年 6月

Tony was such a great tour guide! He was knowledgeable and gave so many interesting pieces of information about PR history and culture. He also had a great personality and sense of humor. Cristobal was amazing. If I come back to PR I will request Tony again for sure!

投稿者: Diane D , 2016年 6月

Loved it...very interesting. Obviously they do not let you too deep into the distillery for safety reasons. You get a good taste of Puerto Rico. Bacardi, the fort and about 20 minutes in Old San Juan. To really see Old San Juan you need to do that another time, which we had gone on our own the day before. We had enough time to stop for drinks and a snack in Old San Juan and then it was time to leave. Highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: A M L , 2015年 12月

Short but sweet tour. Starts off with friendly smiles and a drink and special prices at the end. Glad I went.

投稿者: Tangi M , 2016年 9月

I would give a five star if there was a microphone on the van. I sat in the back of the van and couldn't hear half of the things the guide was saying, although he appeared to be very knowledgable and had a wonderful personality.

投稿者: LeAnn S , 2016年 5月

This tour was good. We had a rainy day and would have liked a little more time in Old San Juan but we spent some time shopping and toured Fort Cristobal which was very interesting. All in all, a nice day trip.

投稿者: catchlady , 2016年 5月

Tour guide was very informative and animated! Loved it. Just wish we had a little more time in the old San Juan city shopping and bar area

投稿者: Carrie S , 2016年 4月

Tour was informative, and guide was good. We were disappointed in that we did not get to tour the actual distillery. When we asked why not, we were told after 9/11 no visitors are allowed inside there. The tour includes a small museum, and a short movie to give you the history of Bacardi, which is good, but we had expected more. After that you end up in a gift shop, and then it's back to the hotel.

投稿者: Stephen D , 2016年 10月

It was ok - drink that came with the package was weak and the tour at the Bacardi factory was not to fascinating. I did this tour on my last day and had already been to Old San Juan.

投稿者: brickcity76 , 2016年 9月

Enjoyed it very much. Wish I had upgraded it though

投稿者: marcus85204 , 2016年 8月

My wife and I were in San Juan prior to taking a cruise, and I really wanted to visit Casa Bacardi. But it turns out we were not really thrilled with this attraction. They take you on a tour of their museum, which details the history of the Bacardi label and the Bacardi family. Thats about all though--we were expecting to go into some part of the factory, actually see some rum being produced, but there was nothing like that. We never toured any other part of this immense property, or went into any area where anything was being manufactured or produced. I would give this attraction two stars, but the rum drink they gave me at the end of the museum tour was delicious, so Im going to bump my rating to a three stars.

投稿者: Carolyn C , 2015年 9月

The tour guide was excellent .

投稿者: Tony N , 2016年 3月

Not much to see, disappointing .

投稿者: Marian M , 2015年 10月

Not at all what I expected at the Bicardi, boring and uninteresting.
The Old San Juan Tour was a very interesting experience and the guide did a very good job of explaining everything, was very well informed, and very curteous.

投稿者: Jennifer D , 2015年 8月

Not good value for the money. Very professional, clean transportation. Tour guide was on time and well informed, but, the Bacardi tour was underwhelming really more of a tour of their museum and not the actual distillery/facilities which is what we thought it was going to be based on other tours we've done like this. Tour of Old San Juan was fine until the end. Fort tour was too long and then driver, basically drove us all around the streets at a slow speed and pointed things out through the window. We couldn't see much, were annoying traffic behind use all the honking created anxiety more than anything and we would much preferred to get out and walk around. The tour was 5 HOURS LONG!!!! We were starving, tired, cranky, and then only had 1 hour to shop/eat in old San Juan before we were to get back in the van. We ended up staying and taking a cab home on our own, so transportation was NOT included as the tour indicates only if you are staying at select hotels in San Juan by the airport- anywhere else, expect to fork over 70-80, each way, for a cab. Ended up costing us an additional 150 in cab cost on top of the tour cost. NOT WORTH IT. It ended up being a waste of an afternoon for us. You would be better taking a cab and doing a foot tour yourself, rather than pay for this and be trapped in a van for almost 5 hours.

投稿者: Robert H , 2015年 8月

After the Bacardi Tour which was done by another guide we were supposed to be taken to El Morro and the Old San Juan for that tour. The guide simply dropped is off and told us that he would meet back with us in a couple of hours ! If I had wanted to tour by myself I would never have paid the for this so called tour. Basically we paid almost 200 for a drink at Bacardi.