• ロケーション: Rome, Italy
  • 所要時間: 4時間 (約)

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Keith O, 2016年 11月

Tell us who is in the photo, what you were doing, etc.

Cheese Bruschetta tasting

Drake H, 2016年 7月

Loved the Asiago with black truffles and the Parmesan with Balsamic vinegar aged 30 years... it's amazing!

Second stop- Pizza!

Drake H, 2016年 7月

You get to try 4 different pizzas from one of the most renowned and meticulous pizza chefs in Rome.

Breakfast- stop 1

Drake H, 2016年 7月

Authentic canoli and espresso


Christopher M, 2016年 2月

Visiting a fantastic delicatessen.

A cheese wine stop on the Rome tour

eparkes3, 2015年 10月

Re Luca serves and explains what we are about to taste.

Our Agreeable And Rather Full Group

Kenneth H, 2015年 10月

Our group at the serene, tasteful trattoria where we had delicious pasta. The final experience of the tour, prior to going for gelato