• ロケーション: Rome, Italy
  • 所要時間: 3時間 (約)

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投稿者: jaqie , 2016年 12月

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

投稿者: Robert K , 2016年 12月

The tour was excellent. Our guide, Francesca, was charming and brilliant. This small tour12 persons maximum is a must!!!

投稿者: mevalente58 , 2016年 11月

A wonderful tour and our guide was amazing! Highly recommend this tour!

投稿者: Shannon J , 2016年 11月

This was a great tour! Our guide, Lorelei was terrific, very knowledgeable and very easy to understand. The pace of the tour felt just right and three hours flew by! Early access was most definitely worth it as we never felt rushed or crowded.
It goes without saying that the venue is stunning!

投稿者: JAS , United States of America, 2016年 11月

This was a wonderful way to see Vatican city and the chapel. Our tour guide was so educated on the facts and made the place come alive. It was great to avoid the crowds also.

投稿者: Sally A , 2016年 11月

This was the best way to visit the Vatican which included a comprehensive tour of the museum, Sistine Chapel plus St Peters Basilica. Our tour guide was extremely informative and had extensive knowledge of the history of the artwork and Vatican. It was easy to book into and was able to use e-voucher so no running around finding ticket offices to gain access or waiting in long queues. Strongly recommend, well worth the money spent.

投稿者: Wendy S , 2016年 11月

Gia was an informative guide keeping the info upbeat and easy to relate to.. very interesting and informative.

投稿者: Dawn M , 2016年 11月

It was so worth getting in early and missing the lines. Our guide was amazing. The tour guide really makes the tour

投稿者: Richard G , 2016年 11月

The tour covered the Vatican Museum in great detail. What more needs to be said. There are 9 miles of galleries so seeing all of it was well beyond the ability of our three hour tour. Everything we saw was incredible and was a key part of the history of the Vatican. Well worth the investment. Be prepared to have your mind overwhelmed with the incredible range and depth of artworks in the museum.
Our tour guide Magdalena was incredibly well informed and knowledgeable. Her knowledge was impressive and she was gladly answered all our questions - even those well beyond the items contained in the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, or St Peter's. If you have her as your guide, you will NOT be disappointed.

投稿者: Charles S , 2016年 10月

A fantastic tour. Would highly recommend it.

投稿者: William H , 2016年 10月

Even though it was crowded, we were able to circumvent crowds. Our guide is an archaeologist. A wealth of information.

投稿者: termar , 2016年 10月

Taking nothing away from a very informative guide but the wonders in the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica speak for themselves, leaving you dazzled afresh with every stop. The pace of this 3H tour was excellent, inevitably a room or two that you would want more time in. A group of 12 was great, not too unwieldy. The headsets were very good. Note the trip was subcontracted to a local operator. It would have been helpful to know the company in advance. All in all, one of the best run Viator trips I have done.

投稿者: Michael S , 2016年 10月

This is an excellent tour, no waiting in lines and you go right through. Our tour guide, Igor was phenomenal. He is so passionate about the artifacts in the Vatican museum that he makes you feel the same. 4 days after our tour we were in Florence and we saw Igor on break from leading a tour there and he remembered us. The experience was beyond our expectations.

投稿者: Mark C , 2016年 10月

Our Tour guide, Sara, was wonderful! Her knowledge and her enthusiasm for the art and the history made this an amazing tour! It was great to see the Vatican Museum with the early access and a small group. Thanks! Mark

投稿者: Bobbi J , 2016年 10月

This was a great tour. The guide, Emma, was very knowledgeable and fun.

投稿者: Pamela D , 2016年 10月

Our tour guide Alina was excellent. The directions to find her were very easy. The tour started on time. Her English was excellent. She was a wealth of information and very interesting and entertaining. We are so glad we took this tour. I would recommend it to everyone.

投稿者: bethtomei , 2016年 10月

Our guide Stephanie was fabulous. Incredibly knowledgeable,lots of details and tidbits to give you what you needed . She was very organized, keep us moving in large crowds without missing a thing! Highly recommend!

投稿者: David A , 2016年 10月

Our tour guide was absolutely fantastic. We had a really small group and she gave wonderful detail for each point of the tour. Would strongly recommend!

投稿者: Peter F , 2016年 10月

This was really a great tour. Our guidem, Tiffany, was fabulous and had enough ineresting anecdotes, knew teh materila intimately, but not so much detail that we drowned. The early entry was very good, and you end up in the Basilica, so you have as much time as you want there.

投稿者: Sheryl V , 2016年 10月

excellent tour and guide

投稿者: kelley l , 2016年 10月

This was definitely one of the big highlights to the trip to Rome. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the information we received. The only way to fly is on the tour before the Vatican City opens! Thanks, Viator. Well done.

投稿者: John R , 2016年 10月

Tour was excellent, could not imagine visiting the Vatican any other way. Guide pointed out things we would have never picked up or known about on our own, and getting into the Vatican early saved us a lot of time waiting in line. Best part of our visit to Rome.

投稿者: Darren B , 2016年 10月

This was an amazing tour of the Vatican. Our Guide was extremely knowledgeable very personable and kept us enthralled and entertained the entire time. We entered early as promised and bypassed many of the queues and our tour began promptly which was amazing bearing in mind the amount of people waiting to get in and the number of tours going on. We would definitely use Viator again.

投稿者: tim t , 2016年 10月

Fantastic tour!!!! The museums are crowded, and you need a tour like this to be able to get in quickly. We skipped the long lines with this tour. Our small group had about 10 people, our tour guide was fantastic and very knowledgeable. The museums are a must see, they are beyond description. I highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: TM , United States of America, 2016年 10月

We easily found the tour guide at the designated spot actually there were several groups each with their own guide. We were probably around a dozen people in our group and our guide led us right past the waiting line into the Vatican museums and we embarked on an amazing tour. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and elaborated on many of the highlights and provided visual aids to point out items to look for in areas where she was not allowed to talk such as the Sistine Chapel. A great tour, well worth the cost.