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Borghese gardens, Rome

Diana Mihaela I, 2011年 5月

Borghese gardens

Trevi Fountain

Patricia A M, 2016年 10月

This was so beautiful! Last time in Rome it was being renovated, so there was no water in it. So, to see it all lit up at night was very special!

One of Many Sculptures

Patricia A M, 2016年 10月

The Borghese is a must, don't miss it. And it never seems to be overcrowded, because they schedule how many people can be in there at one time!

Divan sur lequel est posé Paulina Canova

Luce D, 2016年 6月

Constater le détail réaliste du tissu du divan qui sert pour Paulina Borghese Bonaparte

Pauline Borghese Bonaparte

Luce D, 2016年 6月

Sculpture très belle de Paulina par Canova

Le groupe lors de la visite des Jardins.

Luce D, 2016年 6月

Le groupe lors de la visite des Jardins Borghese