• ロケーション: Rome, Italy
  • 所要時間: Approx. 2.5 hours.

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投稿者: Angela N , 2017年 2月

Really beautiful afternoon tour. Our tour guide Damiano was very informative and engaging.

投稿者: Mike D , 2017年 1月

Very good guide and interesting tour with historical insights- highly recommended

投稿者: jeani , 2016年 10月

Our guide was so knowledgeable. The depth of information she presented and the way she presented it was terrific. Also, having tried gelato in at least 15 different cities throughout Italy, I can say with all confidence that the gelato served in the piazza at the Pantheon was by far the best. all four of us agreed on this

投稿者: Jean-Pierre T , Canada, 2016年 10月

Comme dernière excursion c'était du véritable gâteau. Notre sympathique guide Catherine était excellente. Elle n'a pas ménagé ses explications et elle nous a accordé plus de temps que prévu. Excursion fortement recommandée pour apprécier les richesses des bâtiments de Rome.

投稿者: hlt54 , 2016年 10月

Excellent tour guide and tour company

投稿者: Lynette V , 2016年 9月

Fantastic tour, extremely informative, great way to help get orientated in Rome. Although we got lost on the way back to our hotel once the tour ended, but fantastic experience, and enjoyable.

投稿者: celine e , 2016年 9月

Bonjour,nous avons eu de la chance de tomber sur une guide très passionnée ALESSIA par l' architecture italienne, l'histoire de l' art.
Elle nous a fait rêvé par sa visite.Nous n' avons pas vu le temps passé.
Merci à ALESSIA et à CITY WONDERS de nous avoir fait dégusté cette délicieuse glace artisanale en face du Panthéon.
Nous garderons un très bon souvenir.

投稿者: David W , United States of America, 2016年 9月

This is a nice tour. Really the highlights are Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. There are a number of other things you visit briefly, and I thought it was nice to have someone to explain things.

投稿者: Mohammed A , 2016年 9月

This is a must for anyone new to Rome. I can't recall my guide's name, but she truly was insightful.

投稿者: Raji , 2016年 9月

Felix was a great guide. Very informative. Gave lots of insights. Adhered to the schedule. Wd highly recommend.

投稿者: Rennie , 2016年 9月

Wonderful tour, knowledgeable guide with a wealth of knowledge.

投稿者: MRS J D M , 2016年 8月

Wonderful tour with a great knowledgeable guide. The gelato was delicious and welcome break from the heat! Definitely recommended!

投稿者: jsv92-3 , 2016年 8月

Guide parfait : très aimable et professionnel. Petit groupe, donc agréable, car cela permettait au guide de répondre aisément aux interrogations de chacun. Le principe de cette promenade est intéressant : ce n'était pas une visite guidée au pas de course mais une promenade qui avait cependant le mérite de nous faire découvrir le charme du centre ville tout en ayant droit à des explications, à l'Histoire. La petite glace qui nous a été offerte, devant le Panthéon, était la cerise sur le gâteau, qui donnait à cette balade, un petit air familial et intime.
Merci au guide

投稿者: Katarina T , 2016年 8月

Very best experience we had. Knowledgeable guide with a great sense of humor Damiano, nice pace, good information, gelato treat was a nice touch too. Highly recommend!

投稿者: Brian , United States of America, 2016年 7月

This was a great tour. Our guide Martina was very knowledgeable and had stories for every stop.

投稿者: Danielle M , 2016年 7月

Gabrielle was our guide. He was absolutely amazing. We were a group of 12 and he paid attention to all of us. It was all our first experience riding an e-bike and we all loved it. We visited Florence from the top of the city and in the city, we ate amazing food and tasted great wine. This was one of the highlights in Italy. Thanks Gabrielle.

投稿者: abid4 , 2016年 7月

Our guide Ursuse was very politer and knowledgeable. Gave us a detailed tour.

投稿者: Avik , 2016年 7月

My favorite part of this was seeing the Basilica of St Ignatius. Great job By Renata :

投稿者: Brigitte L , 2016年 7月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Makedah S , 2016年 7月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: laur3n.allender , United Kingdom, 2016年 6月

Our guide was Nina who is an Archaeologist - we had a pleasant stroll around Rome, which was a nice reprieve from all the rushing around we'd been doing up to this point. Nina is knowledgeable, warm and a Roman so can provide you with lots of local knowledge as well as historical information. She recommended a gorgeous restaurant to us for dinner after the tour. Gelato was wonderful. Perfect end to our stay in Rome!!

投稿者: LAURA P L , 2016年 6月

Great tour! Our guide shatef lots of history!

投稿者: William D , 2016年 6月

Sylvia did a great job! Pleasant, well informed, shared wonderful insights and did a good job of leading our group. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

投稿者: honasbdmj-7 , 2016年 6月

Our guide was knowledgeable and easy to understand. Good tour!

投稿者: Gina H , 2016年 6月

Our guide was fantastic and highly recommend. Gave us great insiders information about Rome. Highly recommend.