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Montmorency Falls with bridge over.

Bev B, Australia, 2013年 9月

Tell us who's in the photo, what you were doing etc.

view from cable car over falls QC

Nancy B, 2010年 10月

view from cable car passing falls

My sister and me, Montmorency Falls

DONNA H, USA, 2010年 7月

Photo moment in front of Montmorency Falls.

hoholowach, 2016年 10月

Tourists among the foliage at Marie's Bakery.

the most amazing chocolate coated ice cream

wendy M, 2016年 10月

we stopped at a small chocolate factory and it was too warm to buy chocolates to take on the bus so we all had these delicious chocolate coated ice cream cones - this was a small!!!!

Morency Falls on a beautiful sunny day

wendy M, 2016年 10月

was walking towards the falls and hearing the sounds of the rushing waters

Ste Anne de Baupre church

wendy M, 2016年 10月

although not a very religious person the visit to this cathedral was amazing - so many beautiful stained glass windows and the statues in the church were amazing