• ロケーション: Portland, Oregon
  • 所要時間: 3時間 (約)


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投稿者: Mike J , 2016年 11月

Scotland was a tremendous guide. He knows Portland and he knows his beer, and he's very friendly and helpful.

投稿者: Vicki P , 2016年 9月

This tour was a lot of fun! I would do it again!

投稿者: Daren R , 2016年 9月

An absolutely wonderful time! Brooks was great! We had a blast!

投稿者: sharon f , 2016年 8月

Very nice way to see the city. The beer was great. Our guide Brooks was adorable. She paid attention to our likes and would modify our next stop to meet those.

投稿者: NICHOLE F , 2016年 8月

This was one of my favorite parts of our trip to Portland. Our tour guide, Crystal, was amazing! Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The bikes are incredibly easy to ride and very smooth. 5/5!!

投稿者: Chelsea B , 2016年 8月


投稿者: Eric E , 2016年 7月

We had a fabulous time on this trip! The guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We learned not only about the beer scene in Portland, but also got a history lesson. We ended up meeting a fun group of people on our tour and had dinner/drinks with them. Would highly recommend this place early on during a vacation to Portland to get a lay of the land and familiarize yourself with the city.

投稿者: casadecoco , 2016年 7月

Daniel was an exceptional tour guide! Knowledgable and accommodating. He tailored the tour to our specific wants and made our visit to Portland very memorable. Riding bikes is a great way to enjoy and immerse yourself in the local culture. The bikes and staff were good quality!

投稿者: Douglas C , 2016年 7月

This tour was a highlight of our trip. Safe and easy ride; just enough to get a sweat up before arriving at the next Brewery. Spent 30-40 minutes at each brewery. The guide was fantastic; very knowledgeable of Portland and #39;s history and brewing. She took great care of the whole group. Highly recommend!

投稿者: William H , 2016年 6月

If you like drinking craft beer and learning about the history of Portland, then this tour is for you!! Gannon was our tour guide and he's the greatest!! Don't miss it!!

投稿者: j_dougherty , 2016年 6月

Our tour guide Evan was a great guide and we have a fantastic time. The tour ended up only being the guide, my wife and I which made it intimate and was like having our own private tour of portland and its breweries. Evan was extremely knowledgeable, kind and a great person to just have a conversation with about everything Portland. We even had an impromptu private tour of a local brewery which was awesome. Definitely recommend this tour to anyone interested in seeing some good breweries in portland!

投稿者: Patrick M , 2016年 6月

Great time!

投稿者: Myra M , 2016年 5月

Weee! Dan was cool to hang out with.

投稿者: Brandon S , 2015年 6月

Rose was an excellent guide. Luckily we had beautiful weather which made it even better.

投稿者: Wendy K , 2015年 4月

Fabulous group of cyclers, very experienced hostess and a beautiful day in Portland. LOVED this tour and would recommend it to everyone!

投稿者: Elizabeth A , 2014年 12月

We had a great time on our tour! Scotland was an awesome guide and very knowledgeable about the city and the beers. We really appreciated how he took our beer tastes into consideration at each brewery. A great way to see the city and sample some delicious beer!

投稿者: Gretchen A , 2014年 9月

We had a great time--the bike riding was fun and not hard :) and Sara was a great guide--knowledgable of Portland AND the Beer!! Thanks!

投稿者: Melinda H , 2014年 9月

Awesome job, our guide was fantastic and did a great job letting us get to know the city. We will be back!

投稿者: Andrea C , 2013年 12月

Our guide was warm, welcoming and very enthusiastic about letting us know about all the wonderful nooks and crannies of the Portland area. There were only 2 of us on the earlier tour, and we got plenty of samples, and had a great, challenging little recreational ride. Of all the things we did/saw in Portland, this was the best thing we did. I highly recommend it to all, even as an introduction to how bike-friendly it is around the city, and learning some great routes. There are so many breweries in Portland, I would definitely consider doing this again.

投稿者: Daniel C , 2013年 6月

Portland is a biking city, so this was a great way to see and learn about the city. Our tour guides were knowledgeable about Portland, the breweries, and the beer. The pace and length were just right. We had a blast. Thanks!

投稿者: MAIKO I , 2016年 6月

Had a great time, both Crystal and Tyler were very knowledgeable, not only about the breweries we visited but also about great eating/drinking spots around town in general.

投稿者: Colleen H , USA, 2014年 10月

The two of us had a great time on this bike tour in Portland. It gave us a great idea of the city's layout, and we were able to enjoy some delicious beers at three cool spots in the city. We loved how bike-friendly the city is and we had a great time navigating through the streets and parks.