• ロケーション: Philipsburg, St Maarten
  • 所要時間: 5時間 (約)

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投稿者: jburkey1 , 2017年 2月

It was raining when we arrived in port, however we still decided to take the tour. The meeting place was easy to find and the staff was very welcoming. Our driver was very accomodating as there were only 6 of us, which was great. We went swimming at Orient Beach in the rain then boarded the van and went to Maho. Amazing. We had plenty of time to watch the planes. Highly recommend this tour. We found out that people paid way too much for the same or less on the ship.

投稿者: Marsha B , 2017年 2月

Great excursion. Spent 2 hours on each beach and enjoyed every minute. Food and restrooms available on each. Saw numerous topless sun bathers on Orient beach but none on Maho beach. Only downside was the traffic on the island. Driving to and from the beaches was very slow.

投稿者: PETER A , 2017年 2月

We had 15 trips in the Caribbean this one was the best. Well organised plenty of rum punch and beer and a very good guide.

投稿者: Johnny S , 2017年 2月

Third time in Saint Maarten great place to visit beautiful beaches and good food. I do recommend it for all travellers to visit Saint Maarten.

投稿者: Jessica P , 2017年 1月

we really enjoyed this! our tour guide was Bert. Orient Beach had free wifi for our use, and you got a chair for just 5. not crowded at all. by the time it started to fill in, we were off to Maho.

saw some great planes, and we were there for the take off of the American Airlines flight. my other half was on the fence for the jet blast and loved it!

you had 2 hours total at each beach, and you drove the entire circumference of the island so you got to see alot. I highly recommend the guacamole at Sunset Bar maho beach. Dee-lish!

投稿者: v.geroe , 2016年 12月

Great tour with the very entertaining Bert .. Fun watching the planes taking off and landing too! A must do in St Maarten

投稿者: Linda B , 2016年 12月

Spent a great day at 2 beaches. Our tour guide, Otis, was very knowledgeable about the island and its history. Fantastic tour.

投稿者: Junko T , 2016年 12月

The bus tour was fun and easy to go to the best beaches in St Marrten.

投稿者: vicki-ann G , 2016年 11月

Great day out. Easy to find the driver at the port.
He was lovely, very happy to chat.
Orient beach was lovely, nice place to relax except for the people trying to sell stuff.
Maho beach was good fun and this is why we took this tour.
However the time spent here was perfect, glad we did the Orient beach as well.
We got back to the boat in plenty of time no stress.

投稿者: Huong N , 2016年 10月

We booked this tour online through Viator. The online service was good and meticulous. I was nervous to book this tour outside of the program of our cruise ship. They said don't book with the outside people because cruise ship won't be responsible if we are late, but the overall experience was satisfaction. We got direction how to look for the agent when we got off the ship. It took us a few minutes to find them. It would be helpful if they waited for us at the entrance with the sign.
The guide named Wellington was cheerful and informative. They got rum punch, beer, and soft drinks on the bus for us. We went to the Orient Beach first on the French side, and it's not a favorite side by local people. This beach is pretty quiet, the interesting thing Wellington told us is clothing is optional on the other side of the beach which he is not going to take us to, but we can get there in 5 minutes. I wasn't about to go there to see it because I am with my family. But when he dropped us at the safe beach, there was a lady came up from the water topless!

The purpose of my tour was to see the Maho Beach, the second half of the tour. Before taking the cruise, I did some research as when was the best time to get to Maho to see those big jumbo airplanes coming in for landing. We got there and missed the landing part of the KLM, but we saw it took off. On the beach is the famous Sunset Bar and Grill where you can eat, drink, and watch the flight schedule for the next landing. I would say this tour was worth it and much cheaper than what the cruise ship offer. I recommended.

投稿者: Patricia C , 2016年 10月

Our tour guide was fantastic and told us so much about st. Martins. Highly recommend.

投稿者: judy.greene21 , 2016年 10月

alot of fun and great tour guide, tip: for a few dollars grab a golf cart ride from ship to the area where you meet , quite a long walk and with inlays was just too far and we would have not known where exactly to go, the golf cart brought us all to the meeting place for a fair tip!!!!

投稿者: Carlos L , 2016年 10月

This excursion was perfect, exactly what we were looking for. Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable of the key places on the island. I highly recommend them!

投稿者: gina_dudinsky , 2016年 10月

This was an awesome - off ship excursion option and I am very glad that I booked it. The time at each location was the perfect length. Our tour guide/bus driver was super awesome and shared with us plenty of fruit/rum punch.

投稿者: Mindy Ricker , 2016年 10月

Except for the sunburn I got, this was a FABULOUS excursion! Great beach, informative guide and plenty of free time to explore or veg....

投稿者: Rae N , 2016年 10月

Great tour!! Orient beach is beautiful and Maho beach is a must-see to experience the planes!!

投稿者: Wayne H , 2016年 9月

Very nice excursion, guide was the best!

投稿者: Kelly , United States of America, 2016年 8月

Wonderful tour. We had a great time and Wellington was an amazing tour guide. Very, very funny and informative. Highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: Anita L , 2016年 8月

The tour guide was great - hilarous. The visit to Orient Beach was very relaxing and just the right amount of time. maho Beach was great, but a bit too long. It was high tide and no place to sit, except the rocks.

投稿者: Scott B , 2016年 8月

Great tour and our guide was outstanding !!

投稿者: Karen C , 2016年 7月

Our tour guide, the Governor, was hilarious. He was the best part of the tour.

投稿者: tnyankfan , 2016年 7月

This excursion was exceptional. Orient Beach was beautiful. A rum punch and beach chairs were provided we were able to rent an umbrella for 10. All of the beach allows women to be topless there were only a few, but farther down the beach it is totally clothing optional. However, you have to cross a small barrier, or walk through a bar to get to this part of the beach, so it takes a little effort for those who may be worried about this. There were some vendors as other reviews mentioned, but we didn't feel it was a big problem a little annoying at most. After two hours at this beach, it was about a 20 minute air-conditioned ride to the next beach. Drinks were provided on the van rum punch, beer, soda, or water. Maho Beach was unforgettable and unique. This is not a lounging, relaxing beach, but was a highlight of our entire trip for us. The planes landing over your head while you are on the beach or in the water was amazing. Also, if you are a little brave, you can stand behind the jets as they start to take-off down the runway. Many do this each time a plane prepares for take-oof for the experience we did it three or four times. Be forewarned, as the planes fire up their jet engines, it almost blows you off your feet hold onto your hats, sunglasses, towels, etc or they might be blown into the ocean - we saw this numerous times. You also get sandblasted by the wind and blown sand, but definitely a memorable experience. One last thing, we read many negative reviews that this tour was hard to find after exiting the cruise ship. This is partially true because it does require a brief walk and is not in an obvious location. However, we asked some of the locals who pointed us in the right direction. They refer to themselves as the friendly island and everyone we talked to was very friendly and helpful. You are looking for a large sand area with a large tent set-up for shade I think they call it the sandbar.

投稿者: Elizabeth C , 2016年 7月

The Governor was the best! 2nd time on his tour!

投稿者: William H , 2016年 7月

One of the best excursions we did on our cruise stop. We walked down to the nude beach, that was a once in a lifetime experience. Then over to Maho beach, right by the runway. To be that close was amazing.

投稿者: cpick , 2016年 7月

Had a blast being driven from the 'french' side to the dutch side party!.. Kids had a blast playing in the surf at Orient beach, and had a load of fun watching planes land above them while they played at Maho beach.. Good, affordable food at Maho beach, and the drinks we cold and strong on the bus! great A/C too