• ロケーション: Paris, France
  • 所要時間: Flexible (約)

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この予約には印刷した紙のバウチャーをご持参ください。 これは何ですか?
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投稿者: Julio P , 2016年 11月

Best way to see the main attractions of Paris.
Highly recommended.

投稿者: N W , 2016年 11月

Love Love Loved this. It was our first trip to Paris and this was a fantastic way to see the city and work out what we wanted to go back to. I was very impressed with the quality of the boats, the view and the cost. It was amazing value and I would highly recommend.

投稿者: Nelson T , 2016年 11月

This cruise is outstanding for people that want to get to know the city well. It stops at all the best attractions.

投稿者: David H , 2016年 10月

Very good... very handy to get to many of the attractions in central Paris

投稿者: Lesley H , 2016年 10月

Really easy and convenient way to get around the city.

投稿者: Dalia K , 2016年 10月

Very nice tour

投稿者: Holly M , 2016年 10月

A great way to have an overview of this part of Paris.

投稿者: yangliugaigai , 2016年 9月

Great way to explore key sites of Paris!

投稿者: yangliugaigai , 2016年 9月

Great way to explore key sites of Paris!

投稿者: Kerry-Anne W , 2016年 9月

This is a great way to get around Paris and much cheaper than a cab or one of those jump on bike rides.

投稿者: Terrence B , 2016年 9月

It was a great experience for family and I, to see the famous Paris attractions on different angles while on board the Batobus as it cruised along the Seine River. The Captains of the Batobus were also the tourists' guides who explained all the history of each and every attraction.

投稿者: JO.SKELTON , 2016年 9月

Really is an easy way to get from one attraction or part of the city to another. A very inexpensive way to see beautiful Paris from the river.

投稿者: canny69 , 2016年 9月

Definitely the best way to see Paris however be aware of the long queues at the main attractions. Take plenty of water with you prior to getting on the boats as the prices on-board are quite steep.
Once on-board, sit back and enjoy the views, scenery and impressive buildings.

投稿者: Martha.Scatterday , 2016年 9月

Easy to hop on and off. Perfect location stops.

投稿者: aliodeh , 2016年 9月

Good way to visit the attractions.

投稿者: David R , 2016年 9月

muy bien lo mejor

投稿者: Angela C , 2016年 9月

Love this boat tour and take us to the spots we like to see. It would be better still, if the brochure can put the time the boat arrives to each pier.

投稿者: Maureen S , 2016年 9月

Excellent way to see sights of Paris and when I got tired walking I just stayed on the boat a bit longer and then got off after a rest! I really enjoyed it.

投稿者: Armindo C , 2016年 9月

Had a great time ,did not wait long to board.
Great experience

投稿者: William D , 2016年 8月

It was great, very convenient, made sight seeing easily accessible. We recommend the 2 day pass they were well worth the cost of the tickets in advance.

投稿者: Lindy W , 2016年 8月

Perfect! We only had the afternoon to spend in Paris and this was the very best way for a colleague to see some of the iconic sights of this beautiful city!

投稿者: bwallan , 2016年 8月

This was super convenient for getting around to the main attractions and when it was raining, a nice place to hang out on. Folks running it were really friendly.

投稿者: JD , 2016年 8月

This tour is priced excellently and super easy to use. Great for hitting all the major stops along the Seine, especially on a day trip.

投稿者: Robert H , 2016年 8月

Excellent service good value see all the sights

投稿者: ajluque , 2016年 8月