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投稿者: Adil K , 2017年 1月

The perfume workshop was a dream. Thank you !

投稿者: Kelly , 2017年 1月

Great workshop, even the men liked it! A must do in Paris if you like perfume

投稿者: MlleJennyfair , 2016年 6月

A wonderful and unique experience!
I thought this workshop would be a tourist gimmick: was I wrong! Not only was the ambience exquisite - this class is held in a beautiful Parisian apartment - but our instructor was brilliant, kind, and wonderfully helpful. Not only does she hold a degree in chemistry, but she also gave information, answered questions, and made recommendations in both French and English. I was the only American, my 'classmates' were both from the Paris suburbs, and we were taught about scent families, combinations, what works, what doesn't - it was extremely interesting, and a lot of fun. We helped each other, and had an excellent time.
A recommendation - plan to arrive well ahead of starting time the metro takes a while to this slightly remote station, and there's a little walk to reach the building. Get here earlier to enjoy a coffee at the corner cafe or even visit the high-end depot-ventes in the neighborhood.
I received a complimentary bottle, and bought another of two of the three scents I created, and had a man's cologne made for me!, for a very low cost. Enjoy your personal scent and I hope you love this workshop!

投稿者: stephrn01 , 2016年 1月

One of the highlights of my trip, I even purchased 2 additional bottles. Class was held in this perfect Parisian apartment.

投稿者: Fritz G , 2015年 11月

Sehr persönlich, sehr intim, sehr spannend! Absolut empfehlenwert.

投稿者: Maria A , 2015年 10月

I enjoyed

投稿者: lois R , 2015年 6月

There were only 2 of us in the class and we both had very personalized instruction since she spoke French and I speak English. It was fun playing with the scents and i enjoyed creating 3 signature scents. Taking a large bottle of one home is included in the course cost but it was very reasonable to buy the other two. It would be nice to return some name to have a longer class and learn more from this wonderful woman. I also enjoyed that it was held in a residence which let me sees bit of how Parisians really live.

投稿者: Shea P , 2015年 6月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Amanda H , 2015年 5月

One of the best things I did in Paris! So different and fun! I highly recommend it!

投稿者: Jim , 2015年 5月

Great fun , my wife is looking forward to running out of her newly made fragrance just so she can order a new Bach for Paris . Give yourselves plenty of time to get there as not the easiest place to find . Or taxi . Great un even for a hubby

投稿者: drdave , 2015年 3月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Pamela D , 2015年 3月

Awesome experience. Really nice to be in a private home. Thoroughly recommend - a true PARIS experience.

投稿者: velicas , 2014年 12月

Easily one of my best experiences in Paris! After all, how many people can say they made their own signature scent IN PARIS?? This is a perfume lover's dream! Really appreciated the small, intimate setting.

投稿者: Sandy.shutt , 2014年 12月

This was our one of our favourite afternoons in Paris. My sister and I love perfume and to make our own was such fun. My husband loves the aftershave I created for him as well. It was so interesting to learn all about the notes that go into one perfume. Be ready to smell many lovely scents and enjoy . The location of the building was beautiful. We walked around the neighbourhood after the workshop and shopped.

投稿者: katies , 2014年 10月

This was such a unique experience and the highlight of my trip. The apartment and neighborhood are beautiful, and the hostess was lovely. I came home with my own fragrance and the formula so that I can reorder as needed. Being able to understand French was helpful. The hostess does speak English, and would translate as needed, but most of the session is in French.

投稿者: Martha Yan Lam M , 2014年 10月

This is amazing experience. Such amazing perfume.
I purchased 4 bottles at excellent price.
My own made perfume.
Highly recommend

投稿者: Charles A , 2014年 8月

My ten year old daughter and I had an absolutely wonderful experience at the perfume workshop! Tons of supplies, lots of background knowledge, host was extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this worksop! The scent I "created" during the workshop is one of my favorites! I get compliments on it every time I wear it; my friends are so disappointed they cannot buy it anywhere!

投稿者: Lady C , 2014年 8月

What an amazing and interesting workshop - it was the highlight of the trip - if you are looking for something unique to do in Paris, this is for you!

投稿者: Leee2010 , 2014年 4月

Had a great time and made some fantastic perfume was a great way to fill in an afternoon and learn something new

投稿者: LaShambra E , 2014年 1月

This was such an awesome experience! My friend and I loved very minute of it.

投稿者: Kimberly O , 2014年 1月

It was fantastic !!!!!!

投稿者: Svetlana K , 2014年 1月

It was unforgettable, unbelievable and wonderful experience ! We went together with my husband and he liked it very much too. All the participants created three kinds of perfume, our professor Marina explained to us the main laws of classic scent compositions and answered all our questions. She spoke English and translated to French because we have English-French -Russian group. Marina had to speak much but she was very friendly and enthusiastic. The atmosphere was very pleasant. It was fun but it was serious too. Time passed very quickly. We took one perfume free and bought one for 20€. Now when I use the scent I get lots of compliments. Marina, thank you very much! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

投稿者: Amna A , United Arab Emirates, 2013年 10月

extra special experience .. i made 3 scents of my own and i got the chance to buy them all as well .. its one of the best moments in my trip

投稿者: Leslie K , 2013年 8月

I wanted to find something different for my teenage daughter and I to do in our first trip to Paris. I'm so glad I found this workshop! It was worth every cent. Marina was very professional and we learned a lot and made 3 of our own scents to take home. Great experience and memory oF Par

投稿者: Susanne B , 2013年 7月

Lots of fun for a girls afternoon, who knew there was so much to learn about smells. Lovely experience, would definitely recommend to others.