• ロケーション: Paris, France
  • 所要時間: 90分 (約)

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投稿者: harajuku02 , 2016年 9月

easy to get in and the hot chocolate at the end of the tour is delicious! learned alot I did not know and was happy with how the tour went. the 10 minute demonstration was pretty fascinating as well.,

投稿者: victor t , 2014年 8月

Muy bueno fundamental para niños

投稿者: pyrana666 , New Zealand, 2014年 9月

Interesting if you like chocolate and a real eye opener into the process from start to finish. I recommend a hot chocolate the end

投稿者: Alison D , 2014年 7月

The tour was lovely and perfect for my ten year old - any younger may struggle to understand it all. Great little treasure hunt to looking at the Pkay mobile displays kept her going.

投稿者: Christine O , 2015年 7月

If you like history and you like chocolate - this is the place for you. We walked from our hotel - about 30 mins and so worth it because we saw another side a Paris. The tour is self guiding so you can take as long or short as you would like. There is a chocolate demonstration and at the end if you purchase - a cup of hot chocolate. You choose the flavor and then a chocolate pop to put in it!! I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN.

投稿者: AUDREY M , 2015年 5月

Un petit musee sympathique sur l'histoire du chocolat

投稿者: Natalie W , 2014年 12月

The museum is very nice. Everything is in English as well as French. As for the actual chocolate tasting, I found it was lacking slightly as the tour states up to 10 tastings and we only had 3. The chef doing the chocolate demonstration also had a very hard accent to understand when speaking in English.

投稿者: J L C , 2014年 7月

It was interesting to learn the history of chocolate and the demonstration was pretty good :)

投稿者: Cedar , 2015年 4月

Just okay, unless you really want to learn about chocolate you can skip this. The demonstration was good and there were samples but it was a small museum - never got our 'end of tour' hot chocolate either. Save the money and go to La Mason de Chocolate and by the ganache!

投稿者: Ann F , 2014年 9月

While I think the museum serves a definite purpose and it was interesting to walk around, this is by no means worth a detour unless you have a child like ours with a chocolate fascination. And if you do, beware that the "tastings" refer to little bits of chocolate offered at the door as you walk in and a rather poor finale with a disinterested chef who has no interest in teaching viewers about his craft, rather he hurried through every step (and there weren't too many), gave us two pieces each at the end, and another tasting of the same four chocolate bits we had as we entered. I would give this a total thumbs down and not worth the money!!!