• ロケーション: Orlando, Florida
  • 所要時間: Varies

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投稿者: AIDA C , 2016年 10月

My pick up arrived early! Arrived the airport safely

投稿者: eduardo r. m , 2015年 5月

O sistema funcionou otimamente e com tratamento muito bem feito.

投稿者: MARIA JULIA M , 2014年 5月


投稿者: Betsy C , 2013年 8月

i was completely satisfied with my experience. The van was very clean well kept. The driver was very helpful and polite. I was picked up on time and arrived at the airport in plenty of time for my flight. I am glad that I found your ad on the airport site so that I could arrange this transportation ahead of time. I definitely would use your services again.
Betsy Combs

投稿者: Lorraine B , 2013年 2月

I was picked up exactly on time and it was a smooth courteous trip to the airport.

Excellent value compared to paying for a cab.

投稿者: Barbara C , 2013年 1月

Excellent service. Pickup from hotel was to the minute as promised. Great service and great price. I would recommend this shuttle service.

投稿者: BARRY G , 2012年 11月

Very efficient service, right on time - Excellent

投稿者: 匿名 , 2012年 10月

Picked up 10mins early. Very good service and polite staff at call centre.

投稿者: Elaine G , Australia, 2012年 5月

The Gentleman was on time, very professional,safety first helping with steps and gentle with our belongings

投稿者: ujeyapalan , 2012年 1月


投稿者: Dhiren K , 2012年 1月

It was on schedule..

投稿者: Paul H , Australia, 2011年 7月

How well organised at getting you to your hotel. Their professionalism takes all the stress out of navigating a foreign airport. The staff are very obliging and punctual. Highly recommend.

投稿者: SCOTT P , 2011年 6月

Everything was great but I had to call Viator back because the taxi company didn't receive any record of my reservation. Viator called them and took care of everything.

投稿者: ANDREA I , 2011年 5月

smooth transfer, very helpful

投稿者: Reiny I , Australia, 2010年 4月

Highly recommended

投稿者: Ana Cecilia D , Guatemala, 2008年 12月

Excellent and on time! I wish on the internet you were able to put your hotel and pick up hour, instead of one having to call Viator and do it!

投稿者: Linda J , 2016年 11月

Nice comfortable vehicle with friendly driver who arrived on time at our hotel. The only downside was that we had to walk quite a way to check in from where the driver dropped us.

投稿者: Travis U , 2016年 7月

My driver was right on time and he was friendly, he made sure everyone made it to their destination on time. This service is very reliable. Only gave four because the ticket verification has a little bit of kinks that need working out the driver will ask for a number that starts with 4 if you book online it will not have this and he has to call in to verify.

投稿者: Benedetto L , 2016年 4月

Driver was on time, friendly and helpful.

投稿者: brigitte.limido , 2014年 11月

Très bonne organisation

投稿者: Kathleen S , 2012年 11月

Pick up was 1/2 hour late--no notice. Called and operator was very pleasant and checked with driver. Late due to prior pick-up. Plenty of time was allowed. Driver was very pleasant and apologetic. Would use again.

投稿者: FRANK G , 2012年 10月

Great service.

投稿者: Karin H , 2011年 12月

The van was very clean and new. The driver was punctual but not super friendly. It was all in all a good service to get to the airport at a good price.

投稿者: Rebecca T , 2010年 10月

Our transfer was organized for 10:10am so when it reached 10:45am and our transfer still hadn't arrived we decided to call the company to find out what was going on. They had thought we wanted "Continental Plaza Hotel" in Miami, rather than "Continental Plaza" in Orlando. I find it ridiculous that they didn't ask which city we were in if there's a Continental Plaza in 2 locations they service. Also seems weird since we called the local number in Orlando. Anyway, we were furious. I do commend the company though because they resolved the problem promptly. They very quickly sent us a taxi (it arrived about 5 minutes later) which we just had to fill out a form for the driver saying that the company was responsible for payment. In the end, we got to the airport on time and without paying any more money than we we had pre-paid... it was just a bit of a panic situation waiting for a transfer that never turned up. Well done to the company for resolving the problem the way they did, but I think it is strange that they didn't ask for more information when we called them if there is more than one hotel with the same name.

投稿者: Stefano B , 2010年 6月

The driver was on time, and everything was reconfirmed very professionally.