• ロケーション: Nice, France
  • 所要時間: 10時間 (約)

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投稿者: Romina O , 2016年 9月

Best way to see the south of France, My only recommendation is to bring your own food as they don't have much selection on board.

投稿者: Juan T , 2016年 9月

great day your from Nice to St. Trope

投稿者: Kim E , 2016年 9月

A great trip. 2 1/2 hours where you got to take in the sites of Nice and Cannes on the way to St Tropez. Lots to do and see when you get there - a great day out.
Staff were knowledgeable and helpful.

投稿者: Robert, Jr. D , 2016年 7月

We were so glad that we booked this day out. The only thing that we were not prepared for were the drinks that were over priced and limited selection, and the best beach needed a cab ride from the Port. This was probably explained somewhere, and we missed the information. I would have gladly paid more money to have a nice drink, even if it had to come from a can, on the long ride home. Thank you. I will recommend your trip.

投稿者: Kathrin S , 2016年 7月

Excursion très sympathique, équipage agréable

投稿者: Sally P , 2016年 7月

Nice leisurely trip with beautiful views of the coast

投稿者: Isabelle S , 2016年 7月

Pas de regrets! Pas de stress, tout etait bien organise et je recommande à tous de faire cette petite croissiere . Equipage professionnel et agreable!

投稿者: hugh w , 2016年 7月

Good trip.

投稿者: Roth-Lombardo D , 2015年 7月

personnel très acceuillat et serviable, très bonne organisation

投稿者: hernac , United States of America, 2015年 7月

This was the easiest way to get from Nice to St. Tropez. The ferry boat is really nice and comfortable and snacks and beverages are sold on board. The most important thing to note is that the ferry port is located far from the beach clubs in St. Tropez- the easiest thing to do is to grab a cab from the port to the beaches.

投稿者: girliegirlsarah , 2015年 6月

This is definitely worth the trip! The ferry ride was enjoyable and time in St Tropez was good! Thanks again!

投稿者: Mrs P S L , 2015年 6月

Sailed from Nice, met friends, had a lovely day in St. Tropez, Sailed back, to Nice, having had lunch and loads of wine. Wonderful memories, loved it, good day out. Well worth it.

投稿者: CAROL M , 2015年 6月

Well organised trip. Enjoyed the sail to St Tropez and back.

投稿者: John T , 2014年 10月

Fun trip with a very efficient crew.

投稿者: Stephen B , 2014年 10月

Great day. Highly recommended

投稿者: Marta G , 2013年 12月

It was an awsome experience!. The only thing that I have to comment is that they told I could have paid only one way as i needed. ( from Nice to St. Tropez ). As soon as I have the photos I will send you.

投稿者: Lilian S , 2013年 8月

A lovely sailing to and from St Tropez with staff who were very friendly. 5 hours going about was about enough in the heat. All in all a great tour.

投稿者: Jacqueline R , 2013年 7月

This was such a good trip very helpful staff.

投稿者: Tania V , 2013年 7月

Great tour, enjoyable day! Everything ran very smoothly!

投稿者: Laura T , 2012年 10月

Long ride but fun. Was a stormy day so made the waters pretty rough. Met alot of really wonderful people! We did go try and find the beach and Club 55 to have a drink - which we did find. Unfortunately, they would not wait on us...we did not explode as people with money! We did find a different place closer to the water with picnic tables facing the water and that was quite nice. Club 55 must be run by a bunch of snobby people. Guess they did not need our money :) The trip was not ruined by that! Had a very nice time sitting by the docks and watching all the people! Great day!

投稿者: marilyn k , 2012年 10月

very easy to locate the ferry at the port. the
crew were very friendly. the trip was have over 5 hrs in St Tropez there is so much to do. I want to go back.

投稿者: annabel s , 2012年 10月

Absolutely stunning trip and best 50 euros I've ever spent! Highly recommend it and the views of the coastline are spectacular. Food and drink available too, very special boat trip and would highly recommend if you need to get from Nice to St Tropez at a leisurely pace and take in the scenery.

投稿者: OLGA W , 2012年 9月

We were delighted with the ferry trip to St Tropez, interesting and informative. Staff very helpful and pleasant.

投稿者: Gerard P R , 2012年 9月

Well done. Relaxing and fun!

投稿者: Catorina , Ireland, 2012年 8月

Very nice time we spent at this trip. Was the beautiful weather. The comfortable boat, friendly staff, great views of the Cote d'Azur. Enough time to explore St Tropez, visit the market, take the sun and swim at the beach of St. Tropez. It was amazing experience. Thank you.