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Mollys Bakery

indya.biggs, 2016年 4月

She's our guide... the one looking at the camera! Best guide.

Bisous ciao macarons

Toni-Lynn M, 2014年 7月

delish!! + 10% off

Our custom made cupcakes at Molly's Cupcakes - YUM!!

Toni-Lynn M, 2014年 7月

Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcake - both with Brown Sugar Butter frosting - dusted with cinnamon.

Design your own cupcake

Michelle O, 2014年 5月

12 year old Milly with her creation. Redvelvet cupcake with vanilla buttercream and love heart sprinkles

The Magnolia Bakery

Kristy Y, 2013年 9月

This is the store front of the famous Magnolia Bakery featured in Sex and The City where the famous Sarah Jessica Parker would order the Red Velvet cupcake. It wad delicious.

Tabatha and I enjoying the cupcake testing at on of the stops.

Kristy Y, 2013年 9月

My sister thought it would be funny to get me with my mouth open.

At one of the stops on the tour. Molly's Cupcakes

Kristy Y, 2013年 9月

My Niece Tabatha Robbins, sister Donna Robbins on the tour for their birthdays. My sister had waited all week for this, and the Tye die cupcake was one of her favorites. We so enjoyed this tour.