• ロケーション: New York City, New York
  • 所要時間: 2時間 (約)

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投稿者: Sherree R , 2016年 9月

Our guide Marci I thinkwas outstanding. The desserts were great. We not only ate some great desserts, we learned about the area.

投稿者: Melissa H , 2015年 6月

We enjoyed our tour with Mallory. It was nice to walk through Greenwhich village and by NYU. The portion sizes were just right. We would definitely do it again.

投稿者: Jaclyn G , 2014年 10月

Fab tour, much more than cupcakes! Alex was brilliant, very informative and full of interesting detail about new york and the areas we were in, topped off with fab cupcakes and cookies! Definitely recommend this tour!

投稿者: Marc C , 2014年 9月

Tour was amazingly yummy and tour guide, Jessie was very nice

投稿者: Jennifer D , 2014年 8月

We had a great time! Jessie was a fantastic tour guide. The dessert tastings were amazing. Didn't know we would learn so much about the area while we walked from bakery to bakery!

投稿者: Ludovic F , 2014年 6月

Greatttttttttt and not expensive

投稿者: Daggi , Deutschland, 2014年 4月

Eine lustige junge Dame die uns in die Welt der Cupcakes entführt hat und uns in sechs leckere Standorte entführt hat. Einfach köstlich! Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht!

投稿者: Kathleen M J , 2014年 1月

It was a fabulous experience! The tour guide was fun and knowledgeable! The treats were divine. I am waiting anxiously for my next tour.

投稿者: Joy Y , 2013年 12月

I just loved this tour! I'm from Hawaii and we have a few cupcake places but no where close to how good new yorks cupcakes were! It was a bit much at the end because there's so muh sweets (and I'm a huge sweets eater) but everything was so good I had to eat everything! You must go on this tour!!

投稿者: Jackie S , 2013年 10月

I loved it. Everything was delicious! Our guid was awesome and we did a lot of trip via along the way! I would do it again! I do believe there is alit more walking then it claims so wear comfortable shoes!

投稿者: Juanita S , 2013年 9月

Loved the tour. Jesse was a great guide. Will order cupcakes for my next party from one of the shops we visited! Saw areas of the city I would not have otherwise. Will definitely book another tour when I get a chane to visit the city again.

投稿者: Frances R , 2013年 9月

Guide and tour were excellent. Highly recommend it

投稿者: Kristy Y , 2013年 9月

We had a great tour guide and was very good at telling us the history of the places we went to. The cupcakes we got to taste were amazing. Would do this again

投稿者: cindy w , 2013年 6月

The tour was fabulous! Mallory was a great guide and managed to keep 8 14 year old girls happy and interested. The cupcakes were wonderful - but the gelato was out of this world!

投稿者: Mette N , 2013年 6月

Gode smagsprøver og en skøn vandretur i den ældre del af NYC

投稿者: mipabu , 2013年 3月

I was a little sceptical at being 'dragged' along on this tour but was totally mistaken and I thoroughly enjoyed a great afternoon of walking, talking, tasting and sightseeing. Mallory was our guide and she was fantastic. Unending enthusiasm, great local knowledge and always ready for a chat, Mallory was the special ingredient that made the cupcake tour extra special....but, oh man, those gags need improving! Highly recommend the tour and will likely do it again when next in NYC.

投稿者: Bec , 2013年 3月

Great tour and absolutely awesome cupcakes! A must for any sweet tooth.

投稿者: yaamz , Kuwait, 2013年 3月

Great guide, heavenly sweets, have to try it

投稿者: Tan , 2013年 1月

This tour was wonderful! I've never eaten so much on a walking tour. We had so many stops that by the time we got to Magnolia I was unable to eat my cupcake and had to take it with me. Jessie was a great tour guide, knew a lot of history and was very helpful. A++++ in my opinion and would do it again!!!!

投稿者: Geraldine P , 2016年 9月

Have forgotten who was my tour guide but I loved every minute of it. Loved all the goodies from all the different shops especially the sorbet from Amarinos have never tasted sorbet that tasted so good.

投稿者: Emily S , 2016年 7月

This tour was great!

投稿者: Linda C , 2015年 3月

Fun tour and tasting of delicious delights! Marcie was a very knowledgable tour guide and was an excellent way to spend 2 hours seeing Greenwich Village

投稿者: Janet M , 2014年 12月

What a fun tour to do on a rainy day! Loved all the desserts, and Mallory was a fantastic guide.

投稿者: Marjo , 2014年 2月

Erg leuke wandeling. Een overdaad aan zoet door alle proeverijtjes maar gelukkig werd er door gids Malory gezorgd voor Verpalkking zodat je het ook mee kon nemen.

投稿者: Gemma S , 2014年 1月

The tour itself was fab, the beginning was a bit of a nightmare.

We missed the start of the tour by a couple of minutes, only made worse by the gentleman on the phone who advised the tour leader was running late and would be there soon, but the tour had actually left without us. So we waited and waited with no sign, calling the office several times to be advised the tour leader was running late. Finally we were told the tour had left without us and we were told a couple of the places along the tour, the group may be to try and catch up with them. Well half a tour is better than no tour. We managed to salvage half the tour. The lady (sorry i can not remember her name) who lead the tour was very knowledgeable about the surroundings as well as the bakeries themselves. I loved the jokes and the little competitions she ran through out, a lovely touch! The lady also arranged for my friend and I to have two mini cupcakes at Mollys Cupcakes instead of just one, to make up for the ones we missed - this was not expected but very much appreciated. All in all a great tour, but it was a shame we were given misleading information by the office and this is why i am giving 4 not 5 stars.