• ロケーション: New York City, New York
  • 所要時間: 1.5 hours for the tour; allow 1-2 hours for One World Observatory, if selected (約)


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投稿者: Corrine K , 2016年 11月

Tour was wonderful. Our tour guide, Tony, had first hand knowledge to share as he was actually there on 9/11/2001.
It poured rain and we were drenched through our raincoats, but it hardly spoiled the experience really wished for a better day. But the beauty and solemntiy of the site was not changed.

投稿者: Hinkel M , 2016年 10月

Excellent guide very informative tour new perspective on 9/11 and the ground zero.
Amazing view from the One World Observatory

投稿者: Jeffrey G , 2016年 10月

excellent guide, lived the 9-11 experience

投稿者: Lilibeth W , 2016年 9月

Everyone should do this once.

投稿者: Judy L , 2016年 9月

Very touching tour so close to 15 year anniversary!

投稿者: A J W , 2016年 9月

Awesome tour and tour guide, still very moving.

投稿者: john c , 2016年 8月

Excellent tour helped by a very knowledgeable guide and native New Yorker.

投稿者: Antonio P , 2016年 8月

One of the highlights of our trip. Michelle was great!

投稿者: David W , 2016年 7月


投稿者: Rune Thurlow , Danmark, 2016年 7月

Our tour guide Robert Maass Rob made this tour the highlight of our holiday. Thanks to him!

投稿者: Robert K , 2016年 7月

I would recommend this tour. Some of the detail I had forgotten and some was new.

投稿者: Lisa H , 2016年 7月

John was an amazing tour guide. Very informative, great speaker. Love to hear his personal account of 9/11

投稿者: Gloria B , 2016年 7月

wonderful 5/5

投稿者: Yolanda V , 2016年 7月

Our tour guide, Tony, was fantastic!. He was so passionate about the information, and provided so many details. He waited for everyone at each stop and made sure we were ready to listen before he began. He didn't rush us while we took pictures or asked questions and was very polite. He also provided extra information about the American Express Memorial that we probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. We went to see it and were very touched. We highly recommend this tour!

投稿者: bswsslp , 2016年 7月

The tour was excellent. The tour guide, Michelle, made the experience fantastic. She had great stories, answered questions, and had a great personality that everyone enjoyed. Thank you!

投稿者: Gail I , 2016年 6月

A well organised tour which was very informative. Our guide was lovely and explained her memory of where she was at the time of the atrocities. One World centre is definitely to be seen.

投稿者: Linda R , 2016年 6月

Our experience with Len was truly memorable. He provided an insight only available to someone who was actually there with the kind of first hand experiences and emotions that go with that sort of journey. I commend Len on his work and ethics and trust that he will continue to share with anyone willing to take the time to listen. I give a true thumbs up to Len and thank him for an experience that I do not feel could be replicated.

投稿者: sonya a , 2016年 6月

The tour guide was great. He made our 90 minute journey so personal and so meaningful. I have walked by the 911 memorial before but this time, having a knowledgable tour guide made this visit very meaningful and quite emotional. This is one of many Viator experiences we have had. Viator has never disappointed us. Thank you.

投稿者: Benoit D , 2016年 4月

Très belle visite et le guide que nous avions était passionné par son travail... à faire.

投稿者: Alv J , 2016年 3月


投稿者: Armelle D , 2016年 1月

Eprouvant de voir les deux trous géants, bel hommage.

投稿者: Alexander I , 2015年 11月

very emotional Tour by tourguide linda....

投稿者: Ann B , 2015年 11月

Excellent tour and guide

投稿者: Robert A , 2015年 11月

The perfect way to be introduced to a very sad part of New York's recent history.

投稿者: Stephen J , 2016年 11月

We enjoyed the One World Observatory more than the walking tour, the tour guide slipped up on a few facts, and it went on a bit too long.