• ロケーション: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 所要時間: 2時間 (約)

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投稿者: grinch , 2016年 11月

Midge was very informative and did not hurry us through the cemetery. Found the tour to be an excellent history lesson about New Orleans. Would definitely recommend to those who are history buffs.

投稿者: JAMES C , 2016年 10月

Very interesting would recommend it

投稿者: Rbuddrus , 2016年 10月

Our guide was absolutely wonderful. She was a wealth of knowledge on all things NOLA and we learned a lot on the cities history. The cemetery tour itself was very well organized and informative.

投稿者: Paul P , 2016年 8月

A trip. Our tour guide Midge was fantastic. Very informative and fun tour. Would definitely do it again. Thank you

投稿者: mto6948 , 2016年 8月

Very interesting and the guide shared her knowledge with us so that we all got to experience the ambiance of the cemetery and history of New Orleans

投稿者: Dawn C , 2016年 7月

This tour was cool! We had Judy as our tour guide and her family has been in New Orleans since the 1690s. She shared a lot of history about their customs and the area. She did a great job.

投稿者: Judy A , 2016年 7月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Elizabeth Y , 2016年 7月

Very informative and our tour guide, Ms. Sandy was wonderful. Well worth the price of admission. Take the morning tour in the summer months, as the afternoon would be unbearable in the heat.

投稿者: Lisa P , 2016年 6月

Wonderful tour. We learned a lot. Roby was an excellent tour guide. Would recommend it to anyone. It was nice also that our tour at the time was the only one that provided us with ponchos when it started raining.

投稿者: Kathleen G , 2016年 6月

Midge was a great guide! Very interesting and fun.

投稿者: lc31382 , 2016年 6月

Excellent tour! Our tour guide was a retired reporter for the newspaper in New Orleans and gave a great presentation of the St. Louis No. 1 Cemetary.

投稿者: Nannettedianne , 2016年 6月

Amazing and informative! Perfect for an afternoon tour! Our tour guide JoAnn was by far the best I and #39;ve had! So eloquent and charming and did not stop giving us awesome historical details! A must do!

投稿者: Shelby K , 2016年 6月

Best tour I went on in New Orleans. I recommend anything from Grey Line. If you can request a tour guide, request Robi! We went in the rain and it set the mood, if you get a chance to go in a light shower I would! Great pictures!

投稿者: Michell L , 2016年 6月

The tour was great! Very informative. Our tour guide was named Robi. The tour happened in the St Louis Cemetsry Number 1. It was not really about voodoo except to discuss Marie Laveaux but was still good.

投稿者: Keith M S , 2016年 6月

I really enjoyed the tour and our guide Julie was wonderful. She really had a lot of knowledge regarding the cemetery and the inhabitants. My friends said they had a really good time as well.


投稿者: Paulette A , 2016年 5月


投稿者: Christine P , 2016年 4月

Excellent, excellent. Could not have been any better.

投稿者: Robyn J , 2016年 3月

Great guide, was very informative but interesting too.

投稿者: Brian C , 2016年 2月

We really enjoyed this tour. A lot of history discovered and our guide, Mary, was very entertaining. Loved her!

投稿者: David J , 2015年 12月

Very informative and fun too!

投稿者: Janet L , 2015年 12月

We enjoyed our experience. Unfortunately, I booked all of my tours at one time and did not know a discount coupon is offered at the end for another tour. This could of saved my girlfriend and I over 40 dollars!!! When II asked for an adjustment........sorry, we can't do that!!! Lesson learned....hold onto your money and book the night before!!

投稿者: Maria L , 2015年 10月

Awesome trip! Tour guide was excellent! Will do it again!

投稿者: Daria , 2015年 9月

Absolutely amazing tour! A must do if you are staying in New Orleans especially now that you can only visit this cemetery with a licensed guide. Very knowledgeable guide, lots of historical background to explain why it looks the way it does today, including the information about how the burials are done now..

投稿者: Crystal F , 2015年 7月

Our tour guide was very informative, glad that I did this excursion.

投稿者: Vinita N , 2015年 7月

Great tour of the cemetery --- lots of information that was also entertaining.