• ロケーション: Munich, Germany
  • 所要時間: 5時間 (約)

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投稿者: Samantha W , 2016年 11月

Jeff was a great tour guide! Definitely recommend!

投稿者: Mary L , 2016年 11月

The guide was much knowledge.

投稿者: maria k , 2016年 11月

Despite of pouring rain, our tour to Dachau Concentration camp with Nicola was outstanding. The experience is quite sobering. The guide was professional, knowledgeable and very attentive to our questions. Highly recommended

投稿者: Vi V , 2016年 10月

Our guide was very knowledgeable and provided an in depth insight into the Dachau memorial. A very valuable experience! Highly recommended.

投稿者: William T , United Kingdom, 2016年 10月

This was a very moving experience, very well run, lots of information and well run from start to finish.

投稿者: dave , 2016年 10月

Excellent half-day tour. Our guide, Nicole, was on time and made sure that no one in the group got lost at any of the transportation points. She answered all questions posed to her in a respectful manner and demonstrated her deep understanding of the historical context within which the Dachau Concentration Camp was created. She honestly answered the questions posed by Americans. We will invite our family members to take this tour with us when they come to visit later this year, and we look forward to taking more tours with Viator.

投稿者: Francis D , 2016年 10月

My wife and I had a great time on this tour with our guide Steven. He was very knowledgable about Dachau and the historical events of the time that contributed to the overall experience. Highly recommend this trip for anyone.

投稿者: Monte A , 2016年 10月

I'm really glad I took this tour. I knew it wasn't going to be a fun trip like going to visit a castle or Salzburg, but it was very much worthwhile. I was deeply touched by the experience and it inspired to make an intentional effort at loving others and not letting hate get even a slight foothold. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable.

投稿者: Julie P , 2016年 10月

Everyone should tour Dachau or another concentration camp. Our guide, Steve, was an extremely knowledgeable history buff and a terrific presenter. I learned a lot more from him than I did in class. I wish I could rate this more than 5 stars.

投稿者: Phillip B , 2016年 10月

Best tour ever. Great guide Gritt.

投稿者: Barb.allen , 2016年 10月

Guide was excellent.

投稿者: Julie C , 2016年 10月

This tour was excellent and the guide provided so much information. There was not much time to walk around to see the additional exhibits, but still very much worth seeing.

投稿���: Kathleen S , 2016年 10月

Our guide Nicola was wonderful. We heard in-depth history that transported us back in time from the start of the Third Reich to the liberation of the camp. Wish we had more time there, but it is about 45 minutes each way.

投稿者: Samantha O , 2016年 10月

Excellent knowledgable tour guide. Highly recommend. A great value for the cost.

投稿者: Elizabeth A , 2016年 9月

This tour was great! Our tour guide, Matt, from Radius Tours was awesome! He was quite knowledgeable on this particular site and it's history. He made sure we understood how this camp started and transformed into an actual concentration camp after the war started. He gave us Munich history along with Dachau and made things interesting! If you go on this tour we HIGHLY recommend Matt as your guide!

投稿者: pam f , 2016年 9月

Our tour guide was excellent. So knowledgable and really presented a thoughtful perspective. I have still been talking about the experience with friends and would highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: Theodore N , 2016年 9月

Great trip uses public transit train, bus to get to the concentration camp. Guide was very knowledgable, did a good job of illustrating how the camp changed over time.

投稿者: Elle D , 2016年 9月

It was a moving experience, and I would not have learned nearly as much without a tour guide. Highly Recommended.

投稿者: Stacey.Harding , 2016年 9月

Our tour was very, very good. Well organized and our guide Nicola was extremely valuable for her knowledge and the respect and sensitivity of the Dachau Memorial Site tour.

投稿者: Bernadette P , 2016年 9月

Outstanding tour guide with excellent knowledge of history.. Would recommend to others. Will definitely consider Vistor tours in other cities.

投稿者: Linda S , 2016年 9月

It was a very educational trip. Our guide was excellent. I would highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: Ashima N , 2016年 9月

Excellent experience, even though it was quite disturbing.
We took the English tour of Dachau Camp Memorial Site organized by Radius tours. Our guide Kai was extremely knowledgeable and provided a good high level view as well as intricate details of the concentration camp.
If you are planning to visit Dachau, I highly recommend going with a tour guide vis-a-vis a DIY experience.

投稿者: Andrew B , 2016年 9月

Very informative tour with our outstanding guide Matt. This was my main reason for visiting the Munich area and I was very impressed with the quality of our tour. Without going on this guided tour, we wouldn't have understood much of the history we were there to learn. Highly recommended to go to Dachau with a guide.

投稿者: Curt P , 2016年 9月

Best tour we took all week. Our guide Grit was wonderful.

投稿者: George H , 2016年 9月

The guide of Irish nationality was very impressive with his knowledge, professionalism and energy energy energy.