• ロケーション: Montreal, Canada
  • 所要時間: Flexible

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投稿者: ARJUN M , 2016年 10月

Best way to see the city. convenient location stops

投稿者: Marilynne F , 2016年 9月

GREAT way to see the city, first guide was awesome, second must have been tired because he was rather rude to some riders. BUT, we always ride the bus first when visiting a new city and it's a terrific way to see everything and then decide what you want to hop off and explore.

投稿者: Meg , 2016年 9月

Really the only way to get an overall view of Montreal. The guides on both of the buses we were on we great!

投稿者: Diane E P , 2016年 9月

Rene the tour guide was excellent! So informative and interesting!
The bus driver was excellent as well!
Would recommend to anyone in Montreal!
Very glad we did it

投稿者: Mary M , 2016年 8月

Gray line double decker hop on hop off bus tours are always excellent. We were on at least three buses during the day and all were very good. Guides were very informative

投稿者: Arlene H , 2016年 8月

Great tour the only way to see the city on a short visit, we would highly recommend this tour.

投稿者: Ronald M , 2016年 8月

Megan was awesome! She even sang to us. Fantastic day!

投稿者: Peterg , 2016年 8月

It was perfect, exactly what we expected !

投稿者: Doris K , 2016年 8月

Guides were excellent. Passengers were well taken care of. I would use them again.

投稿者: JoAnne T , 2016年 8月

This was a fun activity as it helps travelers get familiar with a new city. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting a country/city for the first time. We learned popular history of Montreal it's a fun city by the way.

投稿者: Carlos R , 2016年 8月

Great way to see the city, old and new Montreal.

投稿者: Mary S , 2016年 8月

The double-decker tour bus was an added benefit because the day we toured, there were occasional showers--so we would simply move to the botton, covered level.

投稿者: Margaret W , 2016年 8月

Usually there is a recording that requires headphones on the hop on hop off buses, but on our 2 hour tour we had a wonderful and entertaining LIVE female guide who was very knowledgeable.

投稿者: Pinkal D , 2016年 8月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Dale B , 2016年 8月

My wife and I really enjoyed to Montreal Hop-on Hop-off tour. A great way to get a wonderful introduction to Montreal. The buses were comfortable and timely. Having the 2 day option makes great sense. Tour guides were very informative. I would recommend this tour for new visitors to Montreal.

投稿者: Raymond J , 2016年 8月

We enjoyed this hop on off more than the one in Toronto.

投稿者: Dennis F , 2016年 7月

We really enjoyed our trip. Was very well organised and extremely satisfied with our Tour Guide. He was superb !


投稿者: Daina D , 2016年 7月

Really good sightseeing tour. Probably the best one to take in Montreal. Service was excellent. We found several great locations to visit because of the tour. Definitely a highlight. Just want to say, we really enjoyed the first driver on our trip who had a superb sense of humour.

投稿者: marionbuckley189 , 2016年 7月

Used the first day to make the complete circuit and become familiar with the city, ending the day with a stop a the Pointe-à-Callière Museum. The second day, went to the Notre Dame Basilica and Mont Royal stops. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was in walking distance of the hotel, so didn't need the bus.
It was valuable to have different guides on the various trips out and back, before and after stops - each had a unique perspective and emphasis on the city attractions.

投稿者: Elisa A , 2016年 7月

It is a great way to look the city in a short period. Robert, the guide, was very good at explaining the main attractions, buildings, neighborhoods, etc.
I rode 2 buses and both were old, and when it started raining, the water dripped through the window!

投稿者: Evgenia T , 2016年 7月

Educational tour. Great guides

投稿者: Carol A , 2016年 7月

So glad we did this! Did both days and the tour guides were both very good and very funny. Made our trip very enjoyable!

投稿者: Ian B , 2016年 7月

Great value for a 2 day ticket, allowed plenty time to see the main sights of the city and decide where you wanted to go to explore further. Guides were informative and relaxed giving plenty information on interesting sights as we passed. Best way to see the city quickly, get your bearings then decide on places you'd like to see more of.

投稿者: Anita H , 2016年 7月

A very convenient way to see more of a very interesting city. I learned a lot about Montreal on this tour that I may not have time to see otherwise.

投稿者: Maninder A , 2016年 7月

This tour was amazing!