• ロケーション: Mazatlan, Mexico
  • 所要時間: 6時間 (約)

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投稿者: Lisa C , 2016年 5月

My fear of heights has been challenged, and fear lost! This was a blast! Our guides were safety-focused, but fun and patient. There were 9 zip lines in total, all of varying lengths and heights. This was the highlight of my entire vacation! Next, we rode ATVs around the area, through free-range farmland, creeks and streams, and dirt roads. All along the way people would wave and smile, making us feel welcome. Next was the Mescal factory tour and tasting. We got to see how tequila is made from raw product to bottle, then we were treated to a taste of some of the types they made there. The vanilla tequila was so good! I would highly recommend this tour!

投稿者: Dorothy W , 2015年 9月

The guides were wonderful and attentive to the fact that it was our first time. Had a blast! Highly recommend.

投稿者: Raelene B , 2015年 4月

This tour was a blast! All the guides were great! The adventures were awesome! Totally recommend this!

投稿者: denbre5 , 2014年 3月

We enjoyed our tour guides they did a wonderful job we would recomend this tour to other tourits

投稿者: Adam G , 2014年 1月

Amazing Staff!!

投稿者: Harold B , 2013年 12月

Great tour we had a blast, the guides were a pleasure to hang out with

投稿者: Lolak G , 2016年 12月

Friendly and professional staff. Loved the 9 stops and the surprise ending. The snacks were delicious quesadillas and fresh salsa made by the staff. The ATV adventure was a trip down a dry dusty river bed to a small town where we visited targeted vendors. Only real disappointment was we felt alienated from the group because we were the only couple to take the ATV trip. The guides kept us separate and we were the only ones that got not pictures taken.