• ロケーション: Madrid, Spain
  • 所要時間: Varies (約)


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投稿者: ericgzeng , 2016年 10月

The 5-day card was a great investment. Madrid is compact enough that you can get to at least a dozen museums in that time. Best of all is not waiting in line to buy tickets. The day I visited the Prado, there were literally hundreds of people waiting to buy tickets for an entrance two hours later. I walked right in.

投稿者: Robin R , 2016年 10月

Great way to skip many of the long lines!!

投稿者: Momir P , 2016年 9月

Easy and simple way to cut all waiting time out of your Madrid experience.

投稿者: Socorro J , 2016年 9月

Visited three museums and the Círculo de Artes cost included for these and had priority entrance for all four, and just for that, it was well worth it!

投稿者: Michèle O , 2016年 8月

Très pratique avec le coupe-file . Nous avons visité la maximum et utilisé le Madrid-tour une journée complète y compris en nocturne . C'est très bien .

投稿者: fjd , 2016年 7月

The madrid cards were great! Skipping the line at El Pardo is key. Got into El Prado, Reina Sofia, and Thyssen Bornemisza multiple times is key as all of those museums are difficult to get through in one day.
It was a bit difficult finding the the Viajes Riajes in Atocha to pick up the card, but other than that and working around the museum schedules if you plan it out right you can really get your moneys worth.

投稿者: Robin G , 2016年 7月

It was so easy to see all the sites, with no queues, discounted transport. Loved the Royal Palace and also Museo de Pradowhich we went to both days there was so much to see Also the other 2 museums. The Botanical gardens were really impressive. Madrid is a beautiful city with much to see and would love to spend more than 2 days there .

投稿者: Jose E , 2016年 6月

je recommande fortement

投稿者: Greg , 2016年 6月

Lots of options and REAL line skipping at many of the attractions we stopped at. ONly used for a couple of locations but still felt it was a great value and most importantly, time saver.

投稿者: Carlos C , 2016年 6月

Great purchase, we were just 3 days in Madrid and use it a lot...Prado Museum, Royal Palace, etc...all included

投稿者: Herbert R K , 2016年 6月

Problemlos in Madrid erhalten, in einigen Museen verwendet, Neues entdeckt. Besonders geschätzt haben wir den Katalog mit allen Informationen auch in Deutsch. Öffnungszeiten, Adresse alles vorhanden.
Hat große Feude gemacht, weil wir durch die Madrid Card Dinge in Madrid entdeckt haben, die uns sonst verborgen geblieben wären.

投稿者: jdkwesta , 2016年 6月

Very good buy!

投稿者: Alan J , 2016年 3月

Fabulous trip and the Madrid Card was great to have.

投稿者: ANDREA V B , 2016年 1月

Excelente viaje, Madrid vale la pena, es fantastica

投稿者: Bergermann , 2015年 12月

Wetter gut, Hotel zentral und gut, Tapsbars urig und Essen gut.

投稿者: Luc V , 2015年 11月

De Madrid kaart was super gemakkelijk !
We konden overal snel binnen zonder in de lange rij aan te schuiven .
We hebben ook meer gedaan dan we voorzien hadden !
We hebben de kaart er dik uit gehaald !

投稿者: d2blake2 , 2015年 11月

The Madrid Card certainly expedited getting into the various museums and other tours as well as saving us some money.

投稿者: Ann A , 2015年 10月

We purchased the cards before we went. The cards saved a lot of money and saved standing in queues. However, there was quite a queue to collect it from the airport!.

投稿者: Nancy N , 2015年 9月

Excellent access to fine museums

投稿者: Nancy N , 2015年 9月

Prado and Reina Sofia worth skip the line.alone worlth

投稿者: Dewar , United Kingdom, 2015年 9月

This is an excellent way to save money and see all the sights you would like.

This card is a must have, it will enable you to see more sights than you could imagine, or have time to visit, as I found out recently.


投稿者: jack w , 2015年 6月

Great value!!!

投稿者: Heather M , 2015年 6月

Great city and great pass to ease getting around and into places. Office 2 minute walk from puerto del sol. Only thing it doesn't include is the hop on hop off bus. But it's only 25euro extra. Definitely worth it!

投稿者: Marie Françoise B , 2015年 5月

Tout était bien conduit permettant l'accès des visites

投稿者: sljg , 2015年 3月

Didn't have much time to use card (took a 4 day tour) but the bull fighting arena was enjoyable and practically gave us our money's worth from the card. We were also able to see several other sights.