• ロケーション: Madrid, Spain
  • 所要時間: 30 minutes

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投稿者: Marian D , 2016年 9月

Excellent service of taxi driver!

投稿者: James M , 2016年 8月

Painless transfer from airport to hotel.

投稿者: VIVIEN H , 2016年 8月

Driver was a little late because of traffic problems but once we got going my grandson had sat in the front and he was very good in explaining different landmarks .

投稿者: John R , 2016年 7月

Driver was very courteous and helpful and car MB E car was in new condition and very comfortable. Although the private car was 2 or more times a taxi, it was worth it for getting out of the airport to the hotel with luggage after an overnight flight of 7 plus hours.

投稿者: dsih48 , 2016年 6月

Very pleasant

投稿者: jfoster198 , 2016年 6月

Excellent the driver was right outside the walk through with a printed name signHe was courteous ,a good driver .The vehicle was quite new and in spotless condition

投稿者: David A , 2016年 5月

pickup was great waiting for us with sign great driver nice and helpfull

投稿者: Pat , 2016年 4月

Keep up the good work and the good prices.

投稿者: Janet K , 2015年 12月

Driver was waiting when we arrived and was very helpful and courteous.

投稿者: Alberto Jorge R , 2015年 10月

Nos estaba esperando el choffer a la salida y muy amable nos llevó hasta la combi. En el viaje nos contestó tambien todas nuestras preguntas con mucha amabilidad . Buen trato al equipaje. Excelente .

投稿者: Derek K , 2015年 9月

Driver was waiting for us with a sign and our name on it in the arrivals hall. He spoke English which helps when conversing with him about the sights of the city on the way to the hotel. As with any airport/hotel transfer service, you should confirm your flight information before you arrive in Madrid, to ensure that the transport company has your information on file and will have a driver waiting for you. Once you do, it should be smooth sailing from there. You can always take a taxi when you arrive in Madrid, however, the taxi line had approximately 60-70 people in the queue during the busy travel season. Why wait, when you can have a private driver there to take you immediately to your destination. Also, have either your paper voucher or electronic cell phone voucher handy, just in case. Our driver did not ask to see it, since we responded to the sign he held with our name and I guess he assumed we were the clients he needed to pickup at the airport he confirmed the hotel destination and number of people, so he knew he had the right customers. Would use this service again definitely.

投稿者: jossanaijr , 2015年 8月

Excellent transfer. No problems.

投稿者: jossanaijr , 2015年 8月

Excellent transfer. No problems.

投稿者: NADINE P , 2015年 7月


投稿者: Geoffrey W , 2015年 6月

Driver was there waiting for us when we arrived and got us to our hotel very quickly. It was super easy and since we came in so late, 23:00, it was perfect for us.

投稿者: William N , 2015年 6月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: jacques g , 2015年 6月

was at time and good cars and drivers

投稿者: David S , 2015年 6月

great to see your name after having a tough time on BA and Heathrow security
Good driver who got us to our hotel without a problem.

投稿者: Trey R , 2015年 6月

Excellent! The driver was there waiting on us when we arrived. He was very nice and told us about many things on the way to our hotel.

投稿者: Albert C , 2015年 6月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Dianne M , 2015年 6月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: betty p , 2014年 10月

All worked perfectly....the gentleman was waiting for us when we got to Mafrid! Highly recommend Viator!

投稿者: GUILLERMO P , 2014年 8月

excelente, el mejor de todos los que tome.

投稿者: Denise M , 2014年 6月

Muito bom

投稿者: Bernard C , 2014年 3月