• ロケーション: Los Cabos, Mexico
  • 所要時間: 60分 (約)

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投稿者: Courtney C , 2016年 10月

Wendy was great! Frida our Dolphin was so sweet. I had a lot of fun!

投稿者: Chuck G , 2016年 6月

What an experience! The trainers were wonderful, the group was small and the dolphins were amazing. We chose the underwater and so happy we did! I felt completely safe. The photographer took pics that you could purchase. They are pricey, but for this time worth it. I'd like to go again when I bring rest of the the family down.

投稿者: PAMELA P , 2016年 5月

Totally awesome I would never miss this! The Dolphins were cool, the trainers were very patient and they even picked us up at our resort!

投稿者: Olgi and Francky , 2014年 12月


投稿者: KATHY G , 2014年 1月

don't miss this one, book in advance if cruise ships are going to be in town

投稿者: 匿名 , 2011年 8月

Swimming with the dolphins was a great experience. It was so cool to have interaction with a dolphin and get to hold onto them as they swim with you around the pool. Great experience - highly recommend.

投稿者: Mo Burns , USA, 2011年 8月

I have never swam with the dolphins before and was really looking forward to this experience and it ended up being amazing! The amount of interaction is great and we got some fun photos. On my next trip I will definitely be swimming with the dolphins again!

投稿者: Nancy F , 2011年 7月

We had our 2 daughters do the swim with the dolphins. They had a great time! They loved the interaction with them.
It was easy to book online and we got a great deal since it was off season.
Being so close to these playful animals is very special and I would recommend it to others.

投稿者: Larry S , 2011年 6月

You always wonder if a tour like this will be as good as you hope. Dolphins exceeded our expectations! Highly recommend to all

投稿者: Michael R , 2010年 9月

Swimming with the dolphins is an absolute must in Cabo and was one of the highlights of our trip! You spend the entire time in the water with the dolphins, the staff is great, and the pictures are unforgettable. We also enjoyed taking pictures with the exotic birds and thought that was a nice bonus. I would highly recommend this to anyone vacationing in Cabo!

投稿者: Andre B , 2010年 7月

Best money we ever spent! It was amazing. Risho the dolphin was awesome, as was his trainer. I highly recommend this to everyone!

投稿者: MARIO M , Australia, 2013年 2月

A great experience. Dolphins are well trained and facilitities are fantastic.

投稿者: Jessie L , 2012年 3月

Swim with dolphins was a great experience for my two kids

投稿者: Sarah C , 2010年 12月

A little bit of waiting for turns and disappointed we couldn't take a video of the experience but overall very informative and a memory we will have forever!