• ロケーション: ロサンゼルス, カリフォルニア州
  • 所要時間: フレキシブル (約)

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投稿者: widememory , 2016年 11月

Very good experience, good place for movie funs.

投稿者: Leanne G , 2016年 11月

Absolutely fantastic, best rides ever

投稿者: Cedric K , 2016年 11月

Lots of fun even for one person, skip lines and have a great experience as I did

投稿者: coco , 2016年 10月

Excellente expérience!!

Effets spéciaux, attractions surprenantes, boutiques, superbe journée!!..

投稿者: Sergey Gaidi , 2016年 10月

Its very good.

投稿者: Mesha C , 2016年 10月

Highly , Highly , Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!: !!!!!!!!!!

投稿者: Marietta S , 2016年 10月

Great place and rides are super cool. We especially enjoyed the Studios tour. It is a beautiful place and well maintained. I recommend more for children.

投稿者: sharongoulding1 , 2016年 10月

Amazing, awesome we should have purchased a two day pass.

投稿者: Kristine.gazzola , 2016年 10月

Une expérience extraordinaire.

投稿者: Kaye A , 2016年 10月

Excellent park, Studio Tour was great.

投稿者: Rhys W , 2016年 10月

Absolutely amazing. From the water world live action show to the behind the scenes tour, one of the activities I would recommend most to do in LA!

投稿者: Devon W , 2016年 9月

So happy I found this option for tickets! That was extra money saved and immediately spent on parking - ha! Quick tip, two very long lines formed quickly to get through the turnstiles and after waiting a few minutes I took a lap to see what was going on - there were so many turnstiles open, it's just herd mentality to form a line so people did. Skip the long lines and go straight to the turnstiles and take your pick of short lines!

投稿者: Rachel B , 2016年 9月

Lots of fun and great rides. Could do with a few more rollercoasters.

投稿者: ANTONIO F , 2016年 9月

Rapido, sencillo y a un precio inmejorable...

投稿者: Graham N , 2016年 9月


投稿者: rbromley8 , 2016年 9月

Great day spent with the family, weather perfect, picked the right time of the year, low queue times all day. Couldn't separate the attractions, all good.

投稿者: Mark C , 2016年 9月

Great If your a fan of Hollywood and motion pictures. It does seem like they and #39;re trying very hard to copy Disney. Several of their rides are very reminiscent of some in Disney. One thing I find very unnerving though is having to pay almost 20 bucks for parking and then a hundred to get in the park.

投稿者: charifix , 2016年 9月

Had a great trip with my family. We got there when they opened and found enough things to do in The Wizarding World to last 4 hours before even heading out tot e rest of the park. It was an amazing day and everyone had a incredible time.

投稿者: suvadeepkolkata , 2016年 9月

Super fun

投稿者: Jennifer G , 2016年 9月

Purchase the admission ticket online definitely save some time and money.

投稿者: CHRISTINE N , 2016年 8月

un incontournable de LA pour les mordus de cinéma et pour retrouver son âme d'enfant

投稿者: Knut Georg E , 2016年 8月

Very nice day at the studios. A lot of things to do and to see. My only mistake was that I didn't buy skip the line tickets.

投稿者: Bianca A , 2016年 8月

Incredible park theme, rides were very fuun. :

投稿者: Catherine D , 2016年 8月

Un magnifique parc où nous avons pu faire un maximum d'attractions malgré des temps d'attente d'une heure à Jurassic Park et Harry Potter la meilleure .la visite des studios pour commencer était une bonne idée . Penser à la crème solaire et à de quoi vous hydrater si vous le faites en été .

投稿者: Mark B , 2016年 7月

We had a blast. Fantastic rides. We don't go in for the big rollercoasters- don't see the point. BUT the 3 D virtual coasters are so much better. DO IT- we did 13 hours and still felt good. No pushing around like Disney Land Paris - and very clean everywhere.