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投稿者: Tareynolds , 2016年 10月

Seats were incredible, show was AMAZING!

投稿者: Joanne H , 2016年 10月

Wow. What a show!! And Wow what incredible staff. A special staff person is assigned to watch for clients with disabilities - Cherrine I believe her name was. Our tickets were changed to reduce use of stairs and tricky navigation to our original seats. Pre-seating was provided and at the end of the play, we were escorted out. Fabulous service.

投稿者: Delores F , 2016年 10月

Outstanding. I enjoyed this play with my Granddaughter. It was excellent. Her mother had seen it in New York and enjoyed it. Very Good.

投稿者: Josh T , 2016年 9月

Great experience! You should definitely stay afterwards to meet the crew. They come and give autographs and pictures. Another great part of the trip!

投稿者: Mariena S , 2016年 9月

Very excellent and high quality.

投稿者: DONNA L , 2016年 8月

Getting theater tickets through Viator was easy. Great seats, too!

投稿者: Guillermo V , 2016年 6月

Getting tickets went smooth.

投稿者: Alexander M , 2016年 6月

Excellent production, and seats

投稿者: ROBERT C , 2016年 6月

great show, good seats highly recommend

投稿者: bmullee , 2016年 6月

I was disappointed in our seats....I was never given a seat map of the theatre to choose....that would have been helpful...perhaps I missed seeing it...but I don't recall it was available for seat choices...

投稿者: uruimi , 2016年 6月

OMG well worth the visit

投稿者: anders.wallen , 2015年 10月


投稿者: Patricia M , 2015年 8月

Awesome, loved the performance

投稿者: Raymond B , 2015年 7月

The seats were wonderful/ They were roughly 10 rows from the stage. You could see everything.

投稿者: Natalie H , 2015年 7月

An absolutely wonderful show!

投稿者: Gail D , 2015年 6月

We wanted to experience the theatre in London and since we hadn't seen Wicked in the USA we choose that play. It was wonderful. The music and performers were delightful. The theatre was larger than we expected, we had good seats and felt like we were back in time enjoying the play because of the deco of the theatre.

投稿者: radja907 , 2015年 6月

Amazing. Would go watch it again. The seats in the theatre were a little crammed though. Easy to get to with Victoria station across the road. Great night out.

投稿者: happysunshyne , 2015年 6月

Absolutely incredible

投稿者: Jessica E , 2015年 5月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Oliver D , 2014年 12月

Fantastische Sitzplätze in der 5. Reihe von der Bühne. Super Musical.

投稿者: keith k , 2014年 12月

ace lol

投稿者: William J L , 2014年 10月


投稿者: Rhea D S , 2014年 10月

Happy with seats, enjoyed the show. Nice experience.

投稿者: valparment , 2014年 10月

Fantastic!!! The singing was fabulous and all the cast were great! I never knew the history of the good and bad witch and the two gals who portrayed them did an excellent job. If I had the chance to see this again, I would. I have heard others say they have seen this multiple times and now I know why. I was also very happy with my seats; 7th row from stage. If you are visiting London either for a return trip or first time, I recommend you go see this musical. My friend and I loved it and it was one of the highlights of our trip. We ate at an Italian restaurant across the street from the theatre and the food was delicious!

投稿者: Linda S , 2014年 10月

Superb! Easy to find. We picked up our tickets from the theatre in the afternoon, did some sight seeing, prepared for dinner which was simple and quickly served, then walked around to the theatre. As always - not enough female toilets available as 2 were out of order, but the show was fantastic and the seats excellent.