• ロケーション: London, United Kingdom
  • 所要時間: 2時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: michelle , 2016年 11月

I went on this tour today, it was a birthday treat for a chocoholic friend, and we were both very impressed, it was far better than I had expected. This was due in the main to our brilliant tour guide Lisa, who immediately put everyone at ease with her warm welcome, and by passing round some delicious chocolate coffee beans from the Algerian coffee house.
The route Lisa took us on was easy and relaxed, we walked via the quieter, historic backstreets from Soho, along Piccadilly and on to Mayfair and Lisa passed on snippets of interesting history as we walked. it was a fun and tasty journey around the world of London's chocolatiers... with plenty of samples and a lot more.
The tour felt very relaxed and well timed, there were always opportunities to buy..but absolutely no pressure. I should also mention that Lisa took the trouble to search out samples with a little less sugar, specifically for me as a diabetic. A great tour, a fab guide, highly recommend!

投稿者: Valerie B , 2015年 3月

This tour was made very interesting by Sarah with plenty of samples of chocolate.

投稿者: Stephen M , 2015年 2月

This was the first of this type of tour that I and my 14yr sons have had and we really enjoyed the whole tour. Our guide was very friendly and professional and she looked after us totally. We will try another similar tour.
Good way to see bits of London that one would not normally see and you pick so much useful information fro the guide.
Steve. M

投稿者: Sherri W , 2014年 9��

My sister and I were treated to the tour by an overseas friend and we had a great time. Our guide, Lisa was brilliant and was funny, polite and knowledgeable about the history of chocolate in London, its production and other aspects of London's history.

Lisa, made the tour so enjoyable and I would definitely recommend the tour to others.

投稿者: dkitaly2013 , 2014年 8月

Our guide was Lisa and she did a wonderful job of leading the tour. As the tour progressed I saw her spending time with each person in the group to learn more about them and share her extensive knowledge about chocolate. She had a great relationship with all the different staff members at the various stops-they all seemed happy to see her. At each stop she got right in and helped out with distributing the samples and making sure that everyone had somethig they enjoyed. Thought it was a great afternoon with a great guide and enjoyed the chocolate as well as all the areas of the city that we saw on our travels.

投稿者: Marion B , 2014年 1月

Wusste vorher nicht, dass es so viele Chocolatiers in London gibt.

投稿者: Lorraine V , 2014年 1月

We had an excellent time walking around and visiting the chocolate shops. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. In each shop we received a discount and good service. The chocolates are a high quality and there was a wide assortment was available. The only issue was the meeting spot is a five minute walk from the tube station and a little hard to find, if you arrive early no problems.

投稿者: Sara H , 2013年 12月

Loved it...saw a lovely slice of upmarket London, and tasted some delicious chocolate. Our tour guide Ferry was a great character. We really enjoyed our afternoon with him. A different and tasty way to see something of London.

投稿者: Ronald C , 2013年 6月

If you love chocolate this tour is awesome. We love chocolate. We did this tour our first day. We bought chocolate that lasted our stay. It was great!

投稿者: Rosane , 2012年 10月

What a great tour! The guide was very friendly and knowledgeable, plus the places we visited were really good (I must say, my favourite was Prestat). If you are a chocolate lover than this tour is definitely a must!

投稿者: 匿名 , 2012年 8月

This tour is for everyone who likes chocolate and London. The chocolate samples came with just the right amount of information. A big thank you to our guide Ferry - for making this fun tour even more amazing. I will definitely recommend the tour.

投稿者: Blanca , United Kingdom, 2012年 8月

If you are into chocolote, this is the dream tour! I really enjoyed this tour, and would definitely recommend it! We went to all the top places where they produce great quality chocolate and you can buy it as well, and did quite a few tastings of all sorts of chocolates I had never tried before. The guide was really friendly and knowledable as well, and gave us great recommendations in each of the places.

投稿者: Fernando Camarate Santos , 2012年 8月

This was a fantastic experience; never I could enjoy (and laugh) so much on this tour. The tour guide explained, with packs of humor, many peculiar facts concerning the history of chocolate, some known chocolatiers, the production of high quality chocolate, some fantastic stores in London with a wide variety of offer and flavors, all this while I tasted some amazing delights. I really enjoyed it!

投稿者: Kat , United Kingdom, 2012年 8月

We had an excellent time on this tour! As we're London locals, it was great to do something a bit different and find out about all the best chocolatiers in the city. We also saw some great parts of Soho and Mayfair. Our guide was fantastic - very knowledgable and funny and we got loads of free samples! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone that wants to do something a bit different in London and anyone that loves chocolate!

投稿者: Nick , 2012年 8月

This tour was great, not just because of the chocolate tasting opportunities, but also because it takes you to some of the most interesting and historical stores in London, which also happen to be in some of the most glamorous parts of the city. The guide, Ferry, was amusing, and clearly likes his chocolate! Really good if you want to see classic London, and eat and buy some chocolate!

投稿者: AlexB , United Kingdom, 2012年 8月

Great day out in London! Our guide, Ferry, was fantastic -- really engaging and funny. Enjoyed exploring Fortnum & Mason, discovering Paul A Young, and most especially, the salted caramel truffles!

投稿者: Vivienne I , 2016年 11月

An excellent guided tour. Perfect for chocaholics. Our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and a really nice personality. It would have been good to receive more historical information about the area and a few of the buildings around us as it is a fascinating area. However, I guide did give us the history and background to the chocolate outlets we visited. There was no pressure to purchase although it was hard not to !! A highly recommended tour.

投稿者: Sandra C , 2016年 6月

Liked this very much. I was chocolated out by the end. Lots of history included tib bits included.

投稿者: Elizabeth S , United States of America, 2015年 6月

This tour was better than I anticipated. You do a lot of walking, but the various chocolate shops you visit are great and you get a chance to sample/buy a good amount of chocolate. The sea salted caramels from Paul A. Young, the last stop on our tour, were absolutely amazing! Seriously, the best chocolate I ever had.

投稿者: lisa c , 2013年 12月

Awesome tour, the tour guide Lisa was knowledgable of the areas, stores she took us to, and all around great person. If you love chocolate this is a awesome tour to take..

投稿者: Yukiko L , 2013年 7月

My family and I enjoyed this tour. Unfortunately, the weather was hot in London, so we were reluctant to buy too much chocolate for fear of it melting. Perry was a great and entertaining guide. The sea salt caramels from Paul Young were delish as was the Argentinian (?) ice cream from... Sorry. Can't remember the name.

投稿者: Ryan G , 2013年 2月

Great tour which took us to some great chocolate shops. The tour focuses on the more high end, top-quality, shops so be preapred to spend if you want to take some home. The only draw back was that we were in a fairly large group (approx 15) which meant that we took quite some time in each shop.

投稿者: 匿名 , 2012年 8月

An entertaining tour where you get to discover the finest chocolates stores in London, some of them with really interesting stories to be discovered, on top of that our guide "Ferry" was really passionate and made the tour really enjoyable with his knowledge, fun jokes and interesting facts. Definitely this is an alternative and interesting way to explore London, specially for those with a sweet tooth.

投稿者: Sandra D , 2013年 6月

It was a good tour but was done at a fairly brisk pace. Not sure why Fortnam and Mason, West Indies Company (you just wander around the stores) and the restaurant selling ice cream are on the tour.

投稿者: FeeSmith , 2012年 11月

After an initial hitch of the guide having no record of our booking (fortunately I had confirmation with me) we set off to sample chocolates (and icecream) at a number of top end chocolate shops. I think I tried two of the best chocolates I've ever had - Paul Young's shop is amazing. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon in London. The guide was very entertaining and had a great sense of humour.