• ロケーション: London, United Kingdom
  • 所要時間: 2時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: Martine B , 2016年 4月

fantastic trip , great views , we sat at the front of boat which was amazing , though i think all the tables have good views . The food was great too i would recomend this , probably best to do the deal that includes wine w,ith the meal .

投稿者: Martine B , 2016年 4月


投稿者: Freya K , 2015年 5月

Gute Stimmung an Bord. Musik war fabelhaft.

投稿者: Naif M , 2015年 3月

This was a good cruise .. I loved the atmosphere specially when the sun goes into the boat from the ceiling windows

The food was great and the music too

投稿者: Pauline J , 2014年 8月

It was fantastic! Service, food, ambiance, band and cruise was an experience we will remember and recommend to friends and family, as we have already.

投稿者: Catherine L , 2014年 3月


投稿者: Roberta G , 2012年 9月

The cruise was was fabulous
however location of departure was changed and we were not notified therefore , my 80 yr old mom had to walk almost another mile to get to the departure pier

投稿者: Jane R , 2011年 10月

Client was very pleased.

投稿者: Lynette E , 2011年 1月

This was a good thing to do the day after we arrived on our long flight from Australia. We have been to London several times before, and this time we really enjoyed floating down the Thames to see things from a different perspective, while enjoying good food and great music-very civilised!

投稿者: Pauline M , United Kingdom, 2010年 5月

A thoroughly enjoyable trip

投稿者: Kevin H , United Kingdom, 2009年 1月

Great trip all round, we all loved it. My only criticism was with the booking system at confirmation time, when I was told that the boat was full and I had paid a while ago. It was an error but the person dealing with my confirmation was incredibly vague and I got very annoyed.

投稿者: 匿名 , United Kingdom, 2008年 8月

A fantastic trip - really relaxing. I would recommend it.

投稿者: Barry P , 2015年 8月

What a fabulous afternoon! The pace was just right, the food was delicious and the jazz was delightful. Seeing London from the Thames---all the way up to Greenwich and back---was a very special experience. Kind of sad that only half the participants could be in view of the combo if you go, do ask to be seated near the band! Even at the other end of the boat, though, we had a wonderful time.

投稿者: Cassandra D , 2013年 7月

It was a lot of fun! The cruise was sm

投稿者: Susan S , 2013年 6月

We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon and saw the wonderful sites of London. The food was excellent as was the music.

投稿者: bradreinhart , 2013年 1月

The only bad thing was the boat became incredibly hot by the end of the trip. Food was very good.

投稿者: Andrew W , 2011年 8月

A great experience

投稿者: 匿名 , 2008年 8月

The crew and entertainment were wonderful. The food, on the other hand, could have been a lot better. I filled out the reservation form and special food request at the time of booking. Once onboard the cruise, the waitress informed us that the special food request wasn't offered. The main dish was meat which was tough and hard to chew.

投稿者: Robert B , United Kingdom, 2007年 6月

There was a mix-up with the bookings, and the company thought that, although we made two separate bookings each for two people, we had made only one because the surname was the same. Child-like error! We had made it clear when we booked. The trip was quite nice once I sorted this out.

投稿者: Kayleigh E , 2011年 9月

The waitress service was excellent, however we were disappointed to find that we were on an inferior vessel than the one depicted in your advert.
Dress code was not adhered to, as mentioned in the booking conditions, thus people in jeans and trainers lowered the ambience of the trip.
The food in general was ok, apart from the veg being almost raw, though we don't like them mushy, these were inedible.

投稿者: Theresa P , 2010年 12月

Upon arrival, I handed in my voucher for 4 x people for the sunday lunch jazz cruise to be told that I was not on their system. They could not find my booking anywhere!! It was only because some friends of ours were also on the cruise that we were allowed to board as an extra table was put onto the end of theirs. Apparently this happens quite often. I would have been really angry if we had not been allowed to go on the boat for our lunch especially as we had paid £180 between us! Other than that, the food was good and we enjoyed our trip. I would do this again but I would book direct and not go through Viator!

投稿者: Martine B , 2016年 4月

all fab , views, music and food great day out

投稿者: Jean B , 2015年 3月

This tour was unfortunate. We were herded like cattle, the food was awful and generally speaking, this was not value for money spent. We went on le Calife in Paris which was amazing from start to finish, so I know it can be done. Very disappointing.