• ロケーション: London, United Kingdom
  • 所要時間: 3時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: Kelly F , 2017年 2月

This was the best thing we did in London!

投稿者: Sally L , 2017年 1月

Excellent, thorough tour! Jim was great, thanks for the experience.

投稿者: Scott A , 2016年 11月

Very knowledgeable tour director. Made it very fun.

投稿者: Marie L , 2016年 10月

Had such a great afternoon! Wasn't expecting the tour to be so much fun, but Colin was wonderful, very funny and knowledgeable. Loved touring around Chealsea and Kensington. We really got to see the neighbourhoods, and hear all the background stories about many different rock legends.

投稿者: chrisgusty , 2016年 10月

Bob was great -- passionate, extremely knowledgeable, informative, etc. This tour was the highlight of our trip!! You learn an unbelievable amount of rock and roll history while seeing much of London there is no chance you will otherwise see. You do not even have to love music because you learn and see so much but, if you do, you will be glad you booked!

投稿者: Paul O , 2016年 10月

Excellent tour, very knowledgeable tour guide. Would highly recommend it

投稿者: Andrew M , 2016年 8月

Loved this tour. It was a highlight of our time in London. Bob, our driver and guide was very well informed and offered unique insights and a great sense of humour. If you are a rock and roll fan you must take this tour.

投稿者: Gia , 2015年 11月

I love the beatles so having the chance to walk on abbey road was a dream come true! also do not take this tour if you are not a rock band officionato!

投稿者: Aphrodite , Australia, 2015年 10月

Tour guide was awesome on this tour - he really knew his stuff and seemed to know the address of every famous person in London lol! Was brilliant seeing where Freddie Mercury lived and walking across Abbey road - once in a lifetime moments! If you are massively into music or only a little bit, still do this tour. You won't regret it.

投稿者: Caius P , 2015年 9月

Rock music lovers, take it! Bring also a recording device, so much info you will be overwhelmed. Thank you!

投稿者: Peter M. H , 2015年 7月

Großartige Tour mit einem echten Insider als Guide!!!

投稿者: Julia M , 2015年 3月

This tour was amazing!!! Thank you Bob, for the great time we had!!

投稿者: Sheila D , 2014年 12月

This was an excellent tour for anyone interested in rock . Our guide was excellent , he was so knowledgable about all the rock scene of days gone by. The small minibus was ideal for getting into back streets. One of our bests experiences in London. Well done

投稿者: Robert L , 2014年 12月

Nice tour, group size was just right. Driver was very knowledgable

投稿者: Yuriy S , 2014年 10月

We enjoyed this tour a lot! Really good guide! A little more walking, and this tour would be perfect. Thank you!

投稿者: Ronald S , 2014年 9月

This guide made the trip. He was extremely knowledgable about the music era, the business during that period and offered great insight into the various places visited. The only negative was the Abbey Road area, which was really congested with people and vehicles. Pretty much impossible to get personal pictures of the iconic crossroad area. Really enjoyed the tour.

投稿者: Lisa M , 2014年 9月

Even though it was raining, this was a fantastic trip. Bob was our tour guide and he was extremely knowledgeable about the music industry and the history of music in London. Great way to spend an afternoon!

投稿者: Anne Bjørg L , 2014年 9月

Veldig kunnskapsrik og engasjert guide. Morsom tur til sentrale steder i rockehistorien. Veldig

投稿者: Denise D , 2014年 8月


投稿者: rebepcv , 2014年 7月

This was an informative and enjoyable tour! The guide provided us with so many different stories and places to see that my son was fascinated throughout the ride. We got to stop at a small, quaint shop that had unique Beatles memorabilia and the owner shared additional insider information regarding that band. Our guide went way over the allotted time of the tour just to make sure we got to see everything that he felt would be interesting, or that other guests wanted to learn or see. Lots of fun -- highly recommend it!

投稿者: James G , 2014年 7月

Amazing !

投稿者: Götz H , 2014年 6月

Perfekt!! Top Tourleiter, alles gut

投稿者: William B , 2014年 3月

Superb better than expected experience! Bob was our tour guide and he created a very good backstory for the numerous historical sites visited.

投稿者: mommatowns , 2014年 3月

This is a must even if you aren't a rock groupie. I am familiar with all the music and the names of the performers but what made this so interesting was how our tour guide brought in the history of the times and how it influenced the bands music and lyrics. Very enjoyable!!

投稿者: Charrise D , 2014年 3月

Excellent! Just... Excellent!