• ロケーション: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 所要時間: 90分 (約)

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投稿者: Peter H , 2016年 11月

Must see experience! The whole production was incredible - some advice - spend extra for the best seats, you wont regret it.

投稿者: Laura D , 2016年 10月

This was a wonderful show!! The people are so talented. I do have to say there is a lot going on the entire show so it is a little hard to follow everything but would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about it.

投稿者: Huguette R , 2016年 9月

that show was super ,,,as all the Cirque du Soleil are ,,,recommend it ,,,such incredible atheletes !!!

投稿者: Louis C T , 2016年 9月

This show was quite an experience. Nowadays, there are so many Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas, and any of them will be a good choice to see, but this water show was unique, exciting and worth every penny of the ticket price.

投稿者: jenner c , 2016年 9月


投稿者: babis , 2016年 9月

this is a magic show there are no words to do the correct description we had vip seats and worth the money we have spent

投稿者: Travel , 2016年 8月

By far the best of the shows-entertaining to the last minute. Not a show to be missed.

投稿者: anthony l , 2016年 7月

Wow wow wow..... Truly amazing show. A must see in Vegas.

投稿者: Amgad A , 2016年 7月

Breathtaking show! I felt like I was in a dream!

投稿者: agnes T , 2016年 7月


投稿者: Eugene D , 2016年 7月


投稿者: Ares L , 2016年 7月

This show was very impressive as all cirque shows.1problem were rude people filming the show. Also, pay the extra money for private seating the actors go into the crowd and you can and #39;t see from the top balcony 162.00 pp tickets at Bellaigo. Last tip buy tickets online and pickup early. Long lines..

投稿者: Adrian L , 2016年 6月

I have seen numerous Cirque Du Soleil shows and this one did not disappoint. Although its expensive in comparison - it was worth every penny. A great show to see if you are looking for a superb evening of mindblowing entertainment

投稿者: beverley l , 2016年 6月

This show has got to be seen. Was amazing from start to finish, it and #39;s a must!

投稿者: Nikki W , 2016年 6月

This show was so breath taking, loved every second.

投稿者: Paulette J , 2016年 6月

le spectacle était magnifique,mais nous avons été très décus par les places réservées par votre site.Je penses que pour le prix,il y a surement mieux!!!!!! Avec mes salutations

投稿者: Dharmesh P , 2016年 6月

Good show. But the tickets are much cheaper if you buy them directly from the box office located in the Hotel that show is being held in. You can also call or go online at the hotel and #39;s website and buy the tickets directly.

投稿者: roberti.winge , 2016年 6月

Superbe spectacle aquatique dans une piscine amphithéâtre . Sans doute le plus beau spectacle de Las Vegas et certainement le plus couru : tout le monde en parle et veut y aller. Bien situé dans le Palace Bellagio qui vaut à lui seul le déplacement. Pour les amoureux des Beatles, ne pas manquer un autre Cirque du Soleil, Love au Mirage: surprenant musicalement et scéniquement.

投稿者: Philippe G , 2016年 5月

Très bien placés, spectacle extraordinaire.

投稿者: Mark W , 2016年 4月

Excellent show - never seen anything like it.

投稿者: Carmen E , 2016年 4月

Die Aufführung war Weltklasse!

投稿者: MJOSEFA , 2016年 1月

Espetáculo excelente, imperdível !

投稿者: Fiona , Australia, 2016年 1月

Worth every penny! Absolutely fabulous :

投稿者: Pauline G , 2015年 11月

It was a wonderful and special performance to see.

投稿者: Karen U , United Kingdom, 2015年 10月

A really stunning show. The precision and acrobatics were were out of this world. I would highly recommend this show.