• ロケーション: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 所要時間: 70分 (約)

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投稿者: Chris C , 2016年 12月

Very sharp, funny and good tricks. Superb interaction with audience. Recommend

投稿者: tracy b , 2016年 10月

great show may be the best value in vegas not a dull moment all it needed was two bartenders instead of one

投稿者: Steve J , 2016年 2月

Mike had us in stitches!!. Really funny with head-scratching magic tricks. As others have said, prepare yourself for audience participation. If you want value for your money in Vegas, go see Mike Hammer!.

投稿者: Julia R , 2015年 7月

Really fun show for the whole family, and easy on the wallet. The venue is small and intimate, and Mike calls out just about everyone in the audience--so be prepared to be part of the show! The performance is equal parts comedy and magic, and both are well executed and fast-paced. Mike came out to say hi and take pictures with folks after the show. Super nice guy, and very entertaining show!

投稿者: Nancy , 2015年 3月

I have not laughed so hard in years! Mike does a wonderful job of working the audience. Small venue allows him to involve lots of people. Great fun!

投稿者: Brent S , 2015年 3月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Thomas R , 2014年 1月

Very funny. Had a great time at his show. Can not believe that he only charges $15-$20 a seat.

投稿者: Lisa , 2013年 12月

Mike was sooooo entertaining. I laughed the whole time. So quick and clever. Definitely worth seeing! Plus you can't beat the price!

投稿者: Joe B , 2013年 12月

Wonderful. Mike was just a delight.

投稿者: MARTIN J , 2013年 8月

5 star entertaining, from the start very funny, do not take small children definitely adult themed show, engages audience new materially highly recommended, the only draw back is the location to his show, very seedy not a dress up show hence the low price.

投稿者: San , 2013年 6月

Had an awesome time at the show. I even got selected to help with a trick. If you don't have a sense of humor to be picked on don't go !

投稿者: Brian S , 2012年 7月

Mike Hammer is an exceptional entertainer. A great people person. Connects with the audience very well. Fabulous magician! How does he do that I kept asking myself. What a great show. My sister and I really enjoyed it. W@onderful value for money.

投稿者: ANTONIOS K , 2012年 7月

What a show! Very entertaining and Mike is an absolute talent. We definitely enjoyed this show.

投稿者: saseatherton , 2012年 6月

If you have to see a magic show this is the one! This guy is absolutely fantastic, not only his magic is great bit he also feeds from the audience and is hilarious! Forget Copperfield 9as seen before) Mike is the One!

投稿者: David S , 2012年 5月

What a fantastic show! we have done the big names along the strip as well as some of the 'not so well known'.

Mike gets much more intimate with the audience compared to other shows and tries to include as many viewers in the show as possible. Not to mention many 'real cool' magic tricks.

He got me on stage and began the 'disappearing money' trick. He wanted to borrow a US $10 from me, but i got a bit smart and gave him an Aussie $20, thinking that he may have some kind of pre prepared outcome. it didn't phase him and he pulled off a really amazing magic trick, go see the show!

投稿者: tdemille1 , 2012年 3月

Audience participated throughout show. Funny and great!

投稿者: VonnieG , United Kingdom, 2012年 1月

I am not really into the whole magic and comedy combination but this guy was hilarious, it was a small setting so you never have an issue of not being able to see properly like you would at the strip hotels as the four queens is quite small in comparison. definitely worth seeing and great value, mike was funny and his tricks were amazing in my eyes but check it for yourself. i would go back and see this plus you can take your camera and USE it.

投稿者: 匿名 , United Kingdom, 2010年 8月

My husband and I took our 9 year old son to this show and it was fantastic. Spike and Hammer are so funny and energetic. They include the audience in most of their acts which really brings the magic to life. This is a magic show and a comedy show all wrapped up in one. It is a fantastic way to spend the evening with your family

投稿者: JennyC , United States of America, 2010年 4月

Great show - especially for kids. Great price that can't be beaten!

投稿者: 匿名 , United States of America, 2010年 4月

Had a fun time at this show. The magicians are very clever and we laughed throughout!

投稿者: DAVID P , 2016年 9月

very funny guy !

投稿者: jmessina60 , 2015年 6月

Great comedy, wish there was an additional magic trick or two, but overall it was a wonderful show and evening. Mike was very personable and even met with the guests after the show for pictures.

投稿者: Fidele D , 2014年 8月

Bluffant et drôle...même si nous n'avons pas tout compris...mais Mike l'a capté durant le show et nous a charrié ! Un excellent souvenir !

投稿者: Paul C , 2014年 1月

Very funny guy! Good show for the price. Fun location to walk around and check out the lights.

投稿者: Gilbert B , 2013年 12月

Spectacle sympathique où le magicien gère ses tours avec la participation du public. Agréable moment passé.