• ロケーション: Kyoto, Japan
  • 所要時間: 1-hour or 2-hours

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投稿者: jeanluc.sabattier , France, 2017年 2月

formidable leçon de sabre

投稿者: John H , 2016年 11月

We had a great time and really enjoyed our experience and we strongly recommend opting for the 2 hours session rather than the 1 hour version as it seemed to be over so quickly for the people who started at the same time as us. Attentive instructors and great costumes. Allow sufficient time to find the venue as it was a little hard to find until we enlisted the help of a local shopkeeper!

投稿者: felixfvm1980 , 2016年 9月

Awesome experience! It made the whole trip to Kyoto beeing more than just a sight seeing tour - esspecially if you are interested in martial arts and in Japanese history a little.

I strongly recommend the two hour lesson. It contains a brief introduction, basics, foto session, short coreography.

投稿者: Matthew D , 2016年 9月

I had a LOT OF FUN!!! I loved samurai's since I was a kid from watching old movies and cartoons shows, so getting to dress up like one was cool. They give you a couple of gifts at the end, they're small but they're still gifts.

All around I had a great time!!!

投稿者: William S , 2016年 9月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: Fernando R , 2016年 8月

Really cool. We took the 2 hour class and learned a few things about samurais and mostly about sword handling. We even tried a samurai suit each which made it the perfect experience.
The instructor knew what he was doing and was a very funny person.
We all got a bit tired in the end managing a sword isn't as easy as one may think but it was totally worth it!

投稿者: Bradford B , United States of America, 2016年 8月

We were looking forward to this experience and it did not disappoint. The people were friendly and the instructor did a nice job mixing instruction with stories and jokes. It was a good introductory experience into Samurai sword techniques and movements.

投稿者: jbell , 2016年 7月

This was a lot of fun! The instructor and other staff were all very helpful and spoke excellent English. Definitely a worthwhile experience.

投稿者: , 2016年 5月

Had a really great time. Would definately recommend this tour!

投稿者: Shannon B , 2016年 5月

It seemed to me like you should definitely go to the show beforehand, which wasn't advertised to me. If you do that, you get to see a show and then have your lesson. Anyway, it felt a bit disorganized when we arrived as everyone else was watching the show, and it was going on in the next room, and we were walking right into backstage. However, once the dust settled, it was great! We got to put on Tabi socks and start learning with REAL swords. They had appropriately sized socks and swords for me and my small son 6 years old. The lesson felt authentic, and I felt like the instructor cared that we got it right, and that we learned a bit about Japanese culture and the Samurai code. Midway through the lesson, we got to dress up as samurai! I really enjoyed that part - they had a huge selection of very nice costumes.

投稿者: Melinda J , 2015年 11月

The teachers were very enthusiastic and spoke great English. They did take the extra time to make sure we were all having fun.

投稿者: Katherine M , 2015年 9月

This was incredibly fun. My daughters and I got to dress up like samurai, learn sword moves, and learn a lot about historical facts about them. Only down side was finding this place -- it's in the basement of a building and not so easy to find. Be helpful to provide a more detailed map and/or directions. In our Japanese taxi driver had a heck of a time finding the place!

投稿者: cd7 , 2015年 7月

Great experience! Highly recommended. We did the 2 hour experience and my son loved it!

投稿者: jeanluc.sabattier , France, 2016年 3月

raconter une expérience inoubliable merci