• ロケーション: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 所要時間: 3時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: Dianne C , 2014年 10月

Our guide tried very hard to keep the tour on track and managed to cover all of the itinerary despite huge traffic jams and some people continuously running late for each stated departure time.

投稿者: Kwesi , 2015年 3月

Although there was a bit of a communication breakdown which led to us being picked up late from our hotel to the tour, the tour itself was very informative and amazing and led us to taking up an additional tour the next day. The tour guides r very informative and polite, the tour buses are very comfortable and reliable. We loved it.

投稿者: muddin1962 , 2014年 12月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: frodooo , 2014年 10月

The tour was so great. The guide provided us with good information. We had nice time there

投稿者: Hans B , 2014年 7月

No time to catch your breath.

投稿者: Andrea R , 2014年 3月

Great way to see the city then go back to the areas you want to spend more time. Very good guide.

投稿者: Catrice G , 2014年 2月

This was a good tour. Our guide was very nice and knowledgeable about the city and the places visited. the tour did not last all day, but it was enough time to see the highlights of the city, take some pictures and then do some things on your own.

投稿者: Sandra C , 2015年 1月

Bit of a whirlwind. Just stopped at major sites for pictures. Didn't like visit to chocolate factory or batik centre. These places are only to encourage you to buy. Royal palace was nice. Guide not very clear or informative.

投稿者: Judey G , 2013年 3月

Worth the money for a short tour glimpse of KL. Excellent for shopping.

投稿者: Charisma , Philippines, 2016年 7月

The tour guide is in old ages, shes good in talking and explaining about the city but not in showing around the places and she cant even walk with us during the city tour as obviously its really hard for her to walk and even go out in the bus.

投稿者: Antje K , 2016年 2月

Hard to understand the tourguide and I wasn't expecting a so in German called coffee trip

投稿者: Ludwina J , 2014年 9月

This tour was a real disappointment. The guide was not well-informed. He omitted two tour highlights: the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the National Mosque! According to the Viator Tour Website we should have visited these two buildings and taken pictures. We had just arrived in KL that morning from the US and instead of resting, decided to take the tour which - as it turned out - was a mistake!