• ロケーション: Krakow, Poland
  • 所要時間: 4時間 (約)

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投稿者: Ian C , 2016年 10月

This was great fun and a real experience with a great guide! Maciej was very enthusiastic and full of facts about the local area.

Who wouldnt want to be driven around Krakow in a lime green Trabant!

投稿者: davidandjuneburkitt , 2016年 9月

Our guide was fantastic! She was an amazing communicator and had in depth knowledge and understanding of Krakow, its history throughout all of its somewhat mixed experiences, its special characteristics and features. After this tour we felt that we really understood how Krakow developed to where it is now and that we had seen all of the important sites.
The Trabant is an amazing car, a real throwback to earlier days. Our guide drove it really well and it's obviously not easy to do that! Don't miss this tour!

投稿者: Julie P , 2016年 7月

Our guide was wonderful. Very informative and made the trip very enjoyable.

投稿者: stanley r , 2013年 12月

informative guide [Phillip] Value for money

投稿者: Annabel S , 2013年 6月

Excellent guide, the car was the star and a celebrity around town. Vodka recommendations excellent. Highly recommend.

投稿者: alan b , 2013年 6月

Had a wonderful four hours around krakow and Magic our driver guide had lots of information and humor. Especially good if you are interested in history and politics.
Alan and Joanne

投稿者: Michael C , 2012年 8月

Excellent! Really enjoyed the whole thing. The driver Julia was lovely and very informative. both my wife and I enjoyed having a go at driving the car as well 10 out of 10 !!!

投稿者: Louise K , 2011年 10月

One of the highlights of my week in Krakow. A fun and different way to see the city. The guide was personable, professional, easy-going and knew alot about Polish history and the history of Krakow. I highly, highly recommend the tour.

投稿者: Peter O , Ireland, 2010年 6月

Great experience. It was well worth having our own private transport as we could decide where we wanted to go and how much time spent at each attraction. Our guide Lucas was very well informed and great company, so much so that we bought him lunch in a proper and fantastic Polish restaurant called Dorothy's Kitchen.

投稿者: Laurence G , USA, 2010年 2月

Outstanding both as to content and the guide.

投稿者: Anthony H , United Kingdom, 2010年 2月

They sent a Lada because the Trabant broke down. In spite of this I would recommend this tour it is most enjoyable. It is not however for the faint harted

投稿者: Alan S , United Kingdom, 2010年 2月

Great fun on our half day trip. It was also my wife's 62 birthday. We shall have far more memories being driven in a Trabant than in a Mercedes. 5 star guide.!!!! If in doubt just book it.

投稿者: Manuel R , USA, 2009年 11月

The car and driver are really crazy and provide an excellent tour!

投稿者: Carol E , United Kingdom, 2009年 8月

This was an amazingly entertaining and informative day. If you want a lot of historical facts and air-conditioned travel don't bother, but if (like us) you enjoy something a little bit different without a coach load of people then this is the trip for you!

投稿者: Erica P , Australia, 2008年 8月

The guide we had in Krakow was fantastic, we learnt so much more than what a book could tell us, it was a great experience!!

投稿者: John B , United Kingdom, 2008年 8月

Our whole experience of Krakow was fantastic. The people were friendly and very helpful, great food, value for money and so much history. The crazy car tour combined fun and knowledge, we had a great guide who was very informative. Over all an experience worth doing again.

投稿者: Susan B , United Kingdom, 2008年 2月

Really good fun, great tour guide and not something you can do just anywhere.

投稿者: 匿名 , United Kingdom, 2007年 12月

A great guide helped deliver an interesting and well researched tour which was still very laid back. Just what we'd been looking for, Palin eat your heart out!!

投稿者: Elizabeth C , United Kingdom, 2007年 12月

Our guide was excellent. He told us news about Nowa Huta that you would never read about in a book. The view at the top of the mound was breathtaking, and despite the snow, the sightseeing tour through Krakow and the Jewish quarters was excellent. The guide was a very nice young man and very good company.

投稿者: Deborah C , United Kingdom, 2007年 12月

The tour guide was knowledgeable and full of all types of great informative details. Traveling around in the Trabant automobile was quite the experience. Well worth the money.

投稿者: kiran_naik , 2015年 8月

This was a very well conducted tour. The guide knew about the communist history and showed locations of significance to that era. Spoke excellent english and was very friendly. The Trabant cars are cute and a good icon of the communist times. The guides name was Jurek

投稿者: PETER C , 2012年 12月

Did not get picked up and waited about 40 mins! Hotel said they couldn't get through to them so we walked to tourist information and asked them to call. They were full of apologies and said it was because we hadn't called the previous day (our voucher did not say to do so), so they rearranged a 3pm p

投稿者: Angie R , 2012年 5月

Our guide was entertaining and knowledgable about nowa hutta and the rise and fall of communism. We had a more entertaining ride in a hot pink trabant with leopard spots. Definitely made people laugh!

投稿者: Timothy S , 2011年 5月

An entertaining and unique experience. Better than mass tours.

投稿者: Pat G , Ireland, 2010年 8月

Found the tour very interesting with our very friendly guide Ulrik giving us a really informitive insight into the history of Krakow, its surrounding hinterland and indeed the history of Poland itself.