• ロケーション: カウアイ島, ハワイ
  • 所要時間: 4時間 30分 (約)

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投稿者: Diane B , 2016年 12月

What a fun experience! The bicycle trip was very well organized, the guides well-versed and expert in their fields.
The bike trip is a great family event...mostly downhill, making the need only to brake the bike to slow it down and some flat riding.
The day starts with a trial for each of us on the bikes, then we travel 40 minutes to the top of the canyon, stopping to take in some views and photos along the way. Once we get to the top, the bikes are unloaded and you begin your descent down, stopping regularly along the way. You travel close to 12 miles in a bit over an hour or so. Fun for all!!!

投稿者: Kevin F , 2016年 12月

Great ride, excellent crew.

投稿者: cwo262 , 2015年 5月

They took us to an outlook, and the view is breathtaking. Then we started biking. The guys were really friendly and showed us all the sights and told us about plants and Hawaiian legends. The ride down was fun and not difficult at all. I liked the bikes too. They were comfortable and appropriate for this ride.

投稿者: Philip D , 2014年 8月

This was such a rush. The guides were wonderful and the trip was super safe and exiciting.

投稿者: Jess R , 2013年 9月

Hadn't rode a bike in 50 years so was a little apprehensive about going on this tour. We have our son with us on this trip and this was his choice of things to do. It was fantastic. Harold and Travis were so friendly and nice and put safety first. I was the last in the group when they finally said we could go as fast as we wanted but I was thinking of getting to the bottom in one piece so they all left me in the dust (with Harold following behind me in the van). I would highly recommend this tour - especially if you want to get up close with the canyon. Well worth the money.

投稿者: Audrey M , 2013年 6月

We definitely recommend this tour. The guides Kristen Andrew and Nate were great. The canyon was beautiful and the bike ride was amazing. Was scared at first but Kristen and Andrew made us feel very comfortable and safe

投稿者: Mike P , USA, 2010年 7月

After a beautiful ride up to Waimea Canyon, in our van, we were struck breathless with the beauty of our surroundings! Our guides narrated the entire trip so that we could more fully enjoy the sights. They made us feel safe about our downhill biking experience--not a small thing for someone like me who has not been on a bike in forty years! We never felt rushed as we biked and stopped several times to take a closer look and enjoy a refreshing snack. Then we were allowed to go FASTER on the last stretch of road, if we chose to do so. And several of us did--what fun!!

投稿者: Terry M , 2016年 9月

Great to do for something different. Downhill so anyone that can get on a bicycle can do this. Gorgeous view. If you get cold quickly take a sweater or light jacket.

投稿者: James P , 2016年 7月

The canyon view was gorgeous and the bicycle ride was an easy one. We easily could have driven to the canyon lookout by ourselves. My wife and I had thought and hoped to actually get into the canyon and this trip does not accomplish this.
However, the guides were friendly and informative, and the trip itself was worthwhile. The trip is unique and worthwhile.

投稿者: sipkemac , 2016年 7月

Pretty good. Decent if your looking for something relatively relaxing to do in the afternoon. Nice views but just know that a lot of the biking route does not have a view of the canyon. You will stop at a couple lookouts for the views. Good tour guides, I enjoyed it.

投稿者: William L , 2015年 3月

I was very thankful for Viator's response ( a full refund of my portion ) to my unexpected backing out from the bicycle trip; I panicked and couldn't go through with the downhill bike ride. The staff at Outfitters Kauai were super also; they didn't make me feel embarrassed, etc. Thanks, Viator, for your good will with my refund. I'll definitely recommend you to friends and will use you again in the future!

投稿者: Mark G , USA, 2010年 7月

The views coming down the road are simply amazing! Cruising in the car just doesn't give you the same perspective that cruising on the bicycle does. The guides do a good job of stopping along the way and pointing out trees, fruits, etc., that are native to Kauai. The only downside is the cost for a not-that-long bike ride.

投稿者: Kaija E , 2015年 7月

Didn't go, but had to pay.