• ロケーション: Izmir, Turkey
  • 所要時間: 8時間 (約)


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投稿者: John B , 2016年 10月

Orkan was our guide and he was fantastic. The limo van had a table and comfortable seats so the ride was enjoyable. Orkan was personable and knowledgeable. His English was good so it was a pleasure to visit on this tour. This visit was beyond our expectations. We had plenty of time to go on our own and while we shopped they all waited until we were ready to depart. You must take this trip on the sites were amazing and if you are religious this is one of the wonders of the world. I would highly recommend it.

投稿者: chris D , 2016年 6月

great guide and location

投稿者: Maria-Violeta H , 2016年 6月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: leo g , 2015年 12月

Uitstekend verzorgde reis. Kleine bus, zeer goede gids en een heerlijke lunch, en alles op tijd.

投稿者: Paul H , 2015年 11月

Pick up was prompt, everyone was very polite. Tour guide was thorough and made sure we each covered the things we wanted and offered many options of other places to see and allowed the time we needed to do what we wanted. Lunch was fantastic and the trip was worth every penny.

投稿者: Susan S , 2015年 6月

Superb tour guide, brand new bus, small group, even the carpet shop spiel wasn't annoying - we all ended up buying carpets!

投稿者: Agostina C , 2015年 6月

Amazing tour!!! Our tour guide made the excursion really interesting and food was great.

投稿者: Sergej K , 2015年 5月

Excellent and very informative tour

投稿者: Jennifer G , 2015年 4月

Loved it!!! Well worth the money, professional and entertaining guide, lots to see and delicious lunch. Pack for any weather as I was freezing in the morning and then warm in the afternoon. Loved Ephesus!!

投稿者: Richard V , 2015年 4月

Our guide was really well informed. Picked us up on time and really delivered!!!

投稿者: Michael C , 2015年 4月

We had a great time. Our tour guide was Gokce Sky Tascilar was knowledgeable and we had a great time..

投稿者: Chris H , 2015年 2月

I loved my tour guide. Really good day.

投稿者: Ignacio P , 2015年 2月

This tour was amazing!

投稿者: B A J , 2014年 10月

Our tour guide, Zeynab, was very knowledgeable and friendly, and happy to answer all of our questions. The tour itself was superb, and all the major points were included. Lunch was tasty and it was pleasant to discuss and share the day's experiences with other tour participants. The visit to the traditional carpet factory, where old techniques of carpet weaving were explained and demonstrated, was also very interesting.

投稿者: Ayanah G , 2014年 8月

Excellent must see

投稿者: JOANNE G , 2014年 6月

My guide was fantastic. Very knowledgable and good with all the participants.

投稿者: Ayday J , 2014年 6月

The guide was very nice and gave a lot of information on all the places we were taken to. She was very keen to assist us in our requests.
However, it seemed that the total time allocated to trip was not enough to explore the whole beauty of Ephesus. Most of the time we were on a rush.

投稿者: Roxanne B , 2014年 2月

The tour was more than we expected and we thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.

投稿者: Linda P , 2014年 1月

This was one of the best tours I have ever taken! The tour guide was fluent in English and she was extremely knowledgeable. This tour is worth much more
than what you pay. Simply delightful! I highly recommend it.

投稿者: Kat , 2014年 1月

We were the only 2 people on the tour since it was off season. I was glad they did not cancel the tour. So we had our personal driver and our guide. It was very good. The tour guide was very knowledgable and friendly.

投���者: Dobrila N , 2013年 12月

The tour was well planned. The guide was very nice, enthusiastic and told us much more than what was on the tour. Ephesus is full of tourists from cruises, thus peak season may not be the best time to visit. The place we had lunch was well chosen, we ate really well, local specialities - very nice! Aside of Ephesus and St. Mary's house, we also visited St John's Basilika, what is left of Artemis Temple (with a beautiful view though) and a rug factory. Ephesus is impressive!

投稿者: Johanna P , 2013年 8月

Highly interesting sites on this tour and professional and friendly guide.

投稿者: Ainslie G , 2013年 8月

This was one of the best tours I have done. The guide, Guler Aslan, was fabulous. She knew so much about the history and she was very approachable to chat to about Turkey in general. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who goes to Izmir

投稿者: Robert L , 2013年 7月

Our guide Ms. Aslan was wonderful!!! Knowlegable and funny she was the best. Will request her every time from now on.

投稿者: Zeeshan K , USA, 2013年 6月

Very rewarding experience. Our guide spoke good English and had plenty of stories and information to share about the historic sites we visited. We had a good amount of time to walk around, explore, and take photos on our own, separate from the group. Lunchtime food was good, and hotel pickup/airport drop off were on time.